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“Living” Water Versus “Dead” Water: Which One is Better for Increasing Your Energy, Frequency, and Health?

living-spring-waterWhen it comes to better health and more energy, it is important to learn about the healing properties of water, because clean “living” water plays a critical role in cell performance and energy production. Besides these health benefits, living water is also important for raising your frequency.

Water plays such an important role for life to exist that without it we can not survive for a week. This is one of the reasons why water is found in large volumes in most life forms, including human beings. According to some scientists, the human body is made of roughly 70 percent water.

Water is not just a transparent, odorless, and tasteless liquid made of compounds of hydrogen and oxygen. At the deeper levels, water is conscious to a certain point and has the ability to store information or memory. In other words, water is “alive” to a certain degree.

Water Has Memory

The Differences Between “Living” Water and “Dead” Water

“Living” water is clean water that has energetics (i.e., minerals) and healing information. The best source of living water is natural spring water. Unfortunately, most natural spring water sources these days are polluted with harmful chemicals and disease-causing microorganisms, so it is unsafe to drink. As for “dead” water, it is polluted water that lacks energetics.

The following excerpt contains information extracted from my fifth seminar titled Health and Wellness, Healing “Living” Water, and Advanced Healing Technology, which explores the differences between living water and dead water.

What is “Dead” Water?

“Dead” water is water that lacks energetics, healing information, and minerals. A great example of dead water is tap water. You should avoid drinking tap water as much as possible, because it contains harmful toxins, such as sodium fluoride and chlorine.

Some people think that distilled water is also dead water. In certain ways, distilled water is “dead” for the reason that it lacks energetics, healing information, and minerals. However, distilled water is much cleaner than tap water and is nearly 100 percent free of harmful chemicals. To make distilled water more alive, what you need to do is add minerals to it before drinking it.

What is “Living” Water?

Living water is water that has tumbled over rocks and other natural minerals, causing it to flow in certain ways and absorb the energy of Earth. This process causes the water to become more energetically alive, fresh, and vibrant. It also restores water molecules to their true original and energized state.

The most convenient way to drink living water is to install a structured water system in your home that has the ability to remineralize the water. Be aware that water that has been structured by a structured water system is not the same as water that has been structured naturally.



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