Scientific Research Finds Evidence That Reincarnation Is a Reality

reincarnation-is-a-realityBy Nick Harding

The human soul is a topic of much speculation and wonder. Many people don’t believe in the existence of a soul, and a lot of arguments have been constructed which suggest consciousness is derived from other sources. I’ve even written an article which described one of these theories, relating synapses firing in our brains to the creation of our consciousness. This article, however, is approaching the topic from a completely different perspective, as it’s important to maintain an open mind when dealing with speculative understanding, and because there is a significant amount of evidence which suggests that Reincarnation is a reality. While it can’t be quantified by the scientific method (an empirical measurement) in a physical sense, but the evidence and unexplainable recorded events can be measured well enough.

Varying Theories of Reincarnation

A lot of different beliefs about what exactly reincarnation is have surfaced over the years. Some believe that reincarnation is a cyclic occurrence which is able to be used to attain ultimate enlightenment. This particular belief uses a symbol referred to as Kundalini, which is represented by a snake wrapping around all seven chakras. Eventually, after enough lives have been lived as a good person and specific stipulations have been fulfilled, the individual will either go insane or become enlightened.

Another theory suggests that immediately as we pass from our existence we are transferred into a new life, specifically human, while yet another belief maintains we can be reincarnated as animals and insects.

There are even those who believe that we all get to choose who, what, and when we are reincarnated; some advocates of this theory have entertained the possibility that we can even metaphorically write out our goals and destiny in our next life before we are born into it, potentially with the guidance of angels while looking upon the soon-to-come events from Heaven. One consistency found in all of these beliefs is the existence of the conscious soul. A spirit form of ourselves which is comprised of a unique energy structure, unique vibrational “song”, and a different form of memory and personality than we typically associate with our lives.



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