How Time Travel Is Possible Through Your Mind?


The new model of the mind that Neuro-scientists are using now to understand consciousness, is that the mind is really a kind of time machine, and that has the ability to gather information from the past, gather information from the future and to use this information, and this is in fact what thinking is, now traditionally we have this view of time that says that there is the past, present and the future and Newton in his writings talked about a river; a time like a river that flows from the past into the future, but Einstein in 1904 with his theory of relativity was written described time as the field.

Now the difference between a river and the field, a river carries things along with it , with the field you can move around in it like a field of gravity,  you can move around in the earth’s gravity and you can feel the force change when you move around in that field, so scientists now are not talking about time as a field and the mind is a kind of time machine that has the ability to connect to different places in that field and this is in fact what memory is, so the normal view of memory, what a typical person thinks of memory is kind of like a recording, like a mental snapshot or a movie in our mind.

But what scientist are now seeing is that rather than bringing up a memory or a movie of a recording of past, what happens is, our mind actually connects to that place in the past, it’s little bit like your computer and the way of the computer is that it has the ability to connect to different websites anywhere on the internet, like now you can connect to from USA, you can connect to another in Africa, Austraila, Newzeland, England, it doesn’t’ matter whether the websites is east, west, north, our south, the information on that site comes into your computer and your computer contains the information that’s contained on that site, so that’s what scientists are saying what the mind is like, that when you use your imagination whether you call it remembering the past or thinking about planning the future, what is happening in your mind, is really like connecting to that place in the past and that place in the future.



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