Lucid Dreams: The WILD Technique for Induced Lucid Dreaming

sfhDfhdfThe Wake Induced Lucid Dream (aka WILD) is the most powerful lucid dreaming technique known to man for two reasons:

  1. It enables you to have conscious dreams whenever you want
  2. It produces the most vivid kind of lucid dreams possible

Also called the Mind Awake / Body Asleep technique and the Hypnagogic Imagery Technique, a WILD enables you to enter a lucid dream – directly from a waking state!

The WILD technique has been used for at least a thousand years by Tibetan Buddhist monks in Dream Yoga. Today, many people use it to have fantastic guided dreams.

In fact, quite a few children develop their own variations of this method instinctively – in order to program and control their dreams. That’s one reason why I believe everyone is capable of having WILDs any night they choose.

djsrtjsrtjA lucid dream involves having full conscious (waking) awareness inside the subconscious dreamworld. Dream control is a side effect!

The following Wake Induced Lucid Dream tutorial is aimed at beginners or people who have dabbled in lucid dreams before. It’s sectioned into four parts:

  1. Physical & Mental Relaxation
  2. Hypnagogic Imagery
  3. Creating a Dream Scene
  4. Entering The Lucid Dream

How To Have Wake Induced Lucid Dreams

The best time to initiate a WILD is after 4-5 hours of deep sleep, when your body is deeply relaxed and your REM (dream) cycles are at their longest. If you are a deep sleeper, set your alarm about two hours earlier than usual. If you are a light sleeper, simply practice when you naturally wake up in the night.

Alternatively you can practice if you are a little sleep deprived and feel the need to take an afternoon nap; your brain will be keen to catch up on the lost REM sleep.



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