Dec 07

Can People Who ‘Remember’ Past-Lives Help Archaeologists?

egyptAuthor: Tara MacIsaac

We’ve heard of psychics helping police solve crimes, but what about those who say they can remember their ancient past lives—could they help archaeologists solve history’s mysteries?

Joan Grant was made famous by her 1937 book “Winged Pharaoh,” in which she wrote about a pharaoh’s daughter named Sekeeta—purportedly one of her past-life incarnations. What she said about ancient Egypt seems to correspond well with what archaeologists know, and even perhaps to presage some discoveries not yet made when she wrote the book. Of course, the distant history is foggy enough that this cannot be claimed as certain proof she lived a past life in ancient times.

Similarly, an Oxford student spoke under hypnosis of a past life as an Egyptian carpenter who worked on Pharaoh Den’s tomb. What he said proved correct, but some say it is unlikely that he would have learned the detailed information he gave through normal means.

Famed author H.G. Wells, who sympathized with Grant, once told her: “It is important that you become a writer.” He said she should keep her secrets to herself, until “… strong enough to bear being laughed at by fools.”


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