Normalizing the Multi-Verse (Accessing the Living Intelligence, Part 3)

ANDROID-PHONG-METATATION-small-771x1024This essay is part 3 of the 3-part series “Accessing the Living Intelligence.” Part 1 and Part 2 are here. 

Human awareness is the real game changer. Human awareness not only alters our perceptions of our self but also transforms how we understand the world. The awareness we have about our place in the world and our part in the ‘bigger picture’ is ultimately a question of how we transceive (transmit-receive) consciousness. When how we receive and express human consciousness changes, everything changes. Consciousness is that which connects – it is the nonlocal information field that binds us all. We can also refer to it as the living intelligence that underlies the matrix, the construct, of our known reality. The living intelligence is the underlying consciousness from which all materiality arises.

As discussed in the previous essay in this series[i], there is a different form of energy now being supported upon this planet. Further, that there is an interaction/immersion – leading to a state of greater resonance – between the energy fields of human physiology and those from our environment. The coherence between information fields (biological-environmental-cosmic) is increasing, resulting in what I speculate to be a stronger access to living intelligence. This stronger contact-communication is manifesting in the younger generation(s) who appear to exhibit increased intuitive intelligence as opposed to acquired information (conditioning). One way to visualize this is by seeing the new energy calibration as a different sound/vibration pattern that enters and alters the older patterns. Consider how sound/vibration waves can alter matter: particles scattered on a surface are reformed into new orderly geometric shapes in response to changing sound vibrations, as the image below shows.[ii]

Image 1: different sand patterns formed in response from the vibrations of various musical notes

Image 1: different sand patterns formed in response from the vibrations of various musical notes

A new energetic signature – ‘sound vibration’ – entering our collective nonlocal field will re-calibrate the transceiving of consciousness into a new modality. The change in the ‘pattern recognition’ of the consciousness field could likely affect how we filter and interpret, and thus perceive, the constructs of our reality. It may also open up the human transceiving of consciousness to other dimensional perspectives. In other words, humanity is possibly on course to re-calibrate its potential to transceive other modalities of nonlocal information. By altering our capacity to receive other wavelengths of information, humanity will broaden its awareness, understanding, and connection with a greater range of dimensional realities. We may then come to realize that our perception of reality, and our understanding of the cosmos, is in accordance with our capacity to access the living information. Once this state of access is altered, new perceptions emerge. One of these new perceptive states would likely be the recognition that intelligent life exists in a wondrous profusion of multi-verses. At this point we will be forced to officially change our antiquated mythology of ‘what is life?’



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