This Teacher Doesn’t Believe In Tests And Lets Kids Decide What They Learn

One question – where was she when I was in school?!

One school in Maine is a little different from others in the world. Instead of standardized tests and a Christian-centric holiday schedule, each classroom has its own library and every religious holiday is celebrated.

Classes choose which subjects they learn about and which books they read – and get this, they go through about 40 each year, far above the national average for most adults, let alone children.

All of this is due to the brilliance of one teacher, Nancie Atwell.

4_World’s-best-teacherAtwell has been teaching for 25 years and created the idea of a Center for Teaching. Her philosophy revolves around giving kids choices and encouraging them to be creative. She believes that if students can invest in their learning, they will discover the joys of true curiosity and passion.



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