Diving to the Depths of the Infinity Pool

72605_474054182662079_1882825291_nWith the emergence of greater understanding about the nature of Reality comes into the collective consciousness of humanity things get curiouser and curiouser. Seeing all of these discoveries with the wonder and curiosity of a child, the truly phantasmic nature of this existential reality which we are all in together emerges within our awareness. We’re going to take a very deep dive into some of the fascinating aspects of life, existence, and this universe/multiverse we find ourselves a part of that reflect the splendor of our curious Reality.

let’s take a dive into the waters of transcendent awareness

The speed of light is limited just as our knowledge of the structure of the universe. Yet, just as tachyons (although not yet found in the lab since such evidence would be a violation of causality) have imaginary mass (their mass has been multiplied by the square root of -1) and travel faster than light, so too is our knowledge able to transcend the relatively ignorant knowledge humans posses concerning the primary reality that’s the basis for all other realities coming and going in and out of existence.

We don’t use the word ignorant in a condescending manner. Rather, we wish to illustrate that out of the billions and billions of years that this universe has been in existence, human consciousness on earth has only existed for a fraction of a fraction of that time. There is so much more to be discovered and experienced by humanity.

At the speed of light mass is infinite and yet time is nonexistent. The theoretical implications of this is that if something has always traveled the speed of light it would exist infinitely, over and outside the boundaries of the 4th dimensional framework of time that has such a grip on the 3rd dimension’s physicality according to our awareness.

Given all the suggestive evidence (since empirical evidence for metaphysical aspects of reality is pretty much an impossibility) concerning the multidimensional nature of consciousness, it is quite a definitive element of Reality that manifestations of consciousness within dimensions outside the influence of time experience eternity and infinity as part of their being and essence.



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