The Dynamic Between Physical and Metaphysical Conspiracy

Image1By Montalk | Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Dark forces operate on both metaphysical and physical levels. Most ‘red pills’ are familiar with the physical side of the conspiracy: the Reserve Banking system, Bush/Obama, Iraq/Afghanistan, Bilderberg, Trilaterialists, international bankers, engineered genocide, JFK, media propaganda, etc… You can watch this conspiracy unfold in the news.

Waking up to what’s going on in the world is important. But this calls for caution when you consider the metaphysical side of the conspiracy: higher density controllers, soul frequency manipulation, spiritual disinformation, timeline steering, and so on. In short, dark forces can further their metaphysical conspiracy by exploiting the very avenues that seem to undermine the physical conspiracy.

Take the news, for instance. Awareness of world events gives you a certain level of lucidity concerning what we’re facing. Getting “outraged” at shocking stories of corruption and injustice can make you feel self-righteous, motivated, and awake. But from a metaphysical point of view, if this bitterness leads to persistent pessimism and a darkening of your heart, then despite getting politically smarter, you become spiritually dimmer. This has metaphysical consequences that outweigh anything gained through awareness of the physical conspiracy. Political revolution without spiritual evolution has lead to all the tyrannical “-isms” of history.

Why is metaphysics important? Because by thinking, perceiving, and acting at that level you can do things that are impossible on the physical. It is a greater order of power that works on the quantum, chaotic, nonlinear level of reality. Dimming your spiritual light through emotional preoccupation with lesser orders of awareness screws you over at that deeper level. It cuts you off from those higher abilities and perceptions you need to really make a difference.



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