When Everybody’s on a Different Page

Image1by Carissa Conti

“What do you feel about the world of the circle-people? Can you leave it alone? Can you allow them their destiny, changing nothing?”

Stuart Wilde, “The Quickening”

An interesting question. The “circle people” for Stuart Wilde are the people who populate the mainstream – asleep – world of “tick tock,” another one of his pet terms. So if you’re a truth seeker, somebody who is more outside the circle, then what do you do once you start learning more about what’s really going on, and start unraveling those other layers of reality? For many, their first inclination is to wake others up too, spread the word in any way they can. From websites/blogs, to message board postings, maybe even writing a book or two, on to personal activism/protests, with a whole lot of trying to verbally explain it to everybody around them who will listen.

However, as many reading this have probably seen or experienced for themselves…a good many people out there don’t seem too terribly interested to hear about the conspiracy/truth seeking material, let alone be willing to act on it. So typically a lot of awakening newbies find, much to their frustration, that their personal campaigning with friends, family, significant others, coworkers, roommates, whatever, is met with glazed over eyes, deaf ears, or is outright ridiculed. As far as many truth seekers are concerned, there’s a large dead weight holding the rest of the planet down.

So, does this mean don’t even try? Well my personal answer to the question Stuart poses is……….no. Because I can’t leave it alone. But, it’s not a case of meddling or forcing one’s ideas onto other people. (if that were the case, then what is the difference between a zealous truth seeker trying to forcibly “wake others up!” to the world conspiracy, versus a zealous religious fanatic trying to forcibly “wake others up!” to God, the bible and Jesus? hm, now there’s a thought. 😉 ) The trick to dealing with the world of the circle people is knowing when to say something and plant your seeds, and recognizing when one’s two cents of input is not wanted. And I think that’s what Stuart meant by leaving the circle people to their destiny. Leave them alone….once they have shown that they’re not interested in achieving anything beyond “tick tock.” And also that ultimately, it’s not anybody’s responsibility to determine that another “needs” to “wake up” anyway. Leave them be to get where they’re going on their own terms. But that’s just my interpretation of his words, and it may not be right.

Now, what causes apathy and ridicule in the “circle people” masses when approached by awakening truth seekers? Why are some people eager to learn about those others layers of reality with this burning need to try to do something, while others could care less? The inspiration to finally sit down and answer that question (in the form of this article) happened after recently reading some blog postings made by a woman in Internet Land who is yet another person experiencing this exact same thing. She’s coming from a New Age background, but, with years of research into the whole NWO subject, which makes for more awareness and smarts than many who are linked to the new age circles. Yet there was clearly a heavy new age influence going on, making it so that she refused to acknowledge anything perceived to be “negative” problematic or an obstacle, even though she apparently is well versed in conspiracy material and should have been aware of what the world situation is. And I soon began noticing that she had an almost childlike trust in the idea that all you have to do is spread the word about what’s going on through protests and marches, and people will respond and show up in droves. Then the system will tumble, and all will be well in the world. She’s very big on the idea of “getting information out there,” that this is the big key to everything. (even though many high profile book and website authors, radio hosts and alternative information magazines have already been doing exactly that for decades, and yet, here we are….still.) People just need to hear about this information, that’s all that’s needed, was her mindset, and once they hear, then according to the (mistaken) assumption, they’ll be the same as her………receptive and open, willing to override their lifetime of matrix programming, AND willing to act on it all. There was an inability on her end to comprehend that people most likely won’t respond in the same way as her, and no apparent interest in figuring out why that is. (To do that is acknowledging something “negative”…and the years of heavy new age involvement has heavily programmed her to not do that…..)



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