What Can Humanity’s Hidden Past Teach Us About Our Future? An Interview with Graham Hancock

“Everything we’ve been taught about the origins of civilization could be wrong”- Graham Hancock

Graham-Hancock-2015-by-Travis-Simpkins-Magicians-of-the-Gods-700x554Author and inspirational thinker Graham Hancock appeared on Lucid Planet Radio last week to chat with me about his new book uncovering humanity’s hidden past, Magicians of the Gods, which is currently sold out on Amazon due to unprecedented customer demand (don’t worry, it will be back next week)!

You probably recognize Graham Hancock as the author of world-wide bestselling books like Fingerprints of the Gods, or from his inspirational banned Ted Talk on the “War on Consciousness” – a must see if you haven’t already. In addition to his talks, presentations and books reaching an audience of tens of millions, in February 2015 Hancock was voted No 30 in the Watkins list of “The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People.”

Listen to this interview if you want to find out why. Hancock is eloquent, articulate, passionate and thoughtful. To his millions of fans and supporters, he is a modern day, real-life Indiana Jones, a hero who stands up to the insanity of a society that attempts to control our birthright to explore our consciousness and attempts to restrict us from asking tough questions about who we are and where we come from. Most importantly, he is incredibly humble and open to communicating with people. He goes out of his way to connect with his readers and fans, saying that without them, he would be “absolutely nothing“, calling them “the most important people in my world.”

And yet to others, particular those in the ‘establishment’ of academia and media, his work and research across architecture, astronomy, geology, physics, archaeoastronomy and more has been labeled as ‘pseudo-science.’ When asked about these allegations in our interview, he replied that:

It is inevitable when we start exploring unconventional ideas which do not fit into the mainstream paradigm, which are not regarded as worthy by the mainstream, that those ideas will be attacked. What has surprised me over the years is the insidious nature and the dishonest nature of the attacks… I cannot possibly be a ‘pseudo- scientist,’ pseudo means false, and I cannot be a false scientist because I never claimed to be a scientist… I claim to be a journalist. My job is to synthesize information and to do so in a thorough detailed manner across a wide range of sciences. That doesn’t mean I am a scientist- That means I am someone who writes about science. I feel I am no more a pseudo- scientist than a dolphin is a pseudo- fish.



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