Surrender Instead Of Resisting And You Will Achieve Liberation

Surrender01-790x381by Dylan Harper

Learn how surrendering can allow us to experience joys that we never knew existed.

For most people, life is described using verbs such as seeking, striving, and searching. We depict our lives as a struggle, where we fight against despair and disaster and seek out joy and freedom.

But would you believe me if I told you that your take on life is completely incorrect, and that your search for peace, happiness, and liberation can be attained by simply surrendering instead of resisting?

The Ultimate Surrender

The word surrender is subconsciously associated with negativity such as failure, defeat, and even weakness. But in reality, the act of surrendering takes a great deal of bravery, strength, and determination, even more so than fighting.

Because nothing takes more courage than surrendering our fears, mistaken beliefs, biases, judgments, and preconceptions. Surrendering is the ultimate act of challenging and questioning everything we have learned and acquired.

The simplicity behind the act of surrendering may seem incredibly ridiculous and maybe it even is. But we possess a natural inclination or tendency to fight and resist. Whether this is a biological response, our social conditioning or even a bit of both, our habit of resisting often becomes a hindrance when we actually attempt to simply surrender.

I am certain that whenever you tried, you’ve realized that you can’t just change people without their consent. You can’t force someone to look through your perspectives or even hear your thoughts, unless they first open up and, as a result of that, become more receptive than usual.

On the flip side, you would probably agree that you can always change yourself. You can also change the outcome of some events by avoiding obvious mistakes.

So humor me for a minute and think of anything in your life that you can genuinely change by simply surrendering.

Can you differentiate between the things that lie within your power and those that are completely out of your hands?

External factors, people and events are significantly more difficult to oversee and contain. However, feelings, judgments, perceptions and decisions, which are all internal, are more in the realm of change.



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