The Power of Music ~ Hans Utter

Hans-UtterMusic is the mystery of the universe. It is invisible and yet, revolutionizes the world. How is music used in the mind war and what effect does music have on our biology? Can Hip Hop cause syphilis?

Hans Utter is dedicated and accomplished musician, producer, composer, and writer. His musical journey beginning at age five has brought him from Western classical music to jazz, from Hindustani classical to the modal music of Central Asia and the Middle East. He is an accomplished guitartist and sitarist, and is also proficient oud player. His travels have brought him from the United States to Europe, India, and Central Asia. As a member of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Association of Asian Studies, the Advancing Interdisciplinary Research on Singing (AIRS) consortium, and The Ohio Arts Council, he works to increase the awareness and appreciation of world music, promoting community development and positive international relations. His research on the cutting edge of integrated mind/body music pedagogy, the Imdad Khan gharana, and the music and cultural of the Silk Road has been presented throughout world through concerts, lectures, and workshops. His workshops on music and healing, nada yoga, and Sufi music performances reflect his dedication to healing and transformative powers of music. –


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