Plato, Crystals, Dimensions and Artificial Intelligence

tumblr_mia1p9eL9Q1s1fji4o1_500I have contended for a while now the dominant anti-metaphysical stance of the prevailing establishment is a materialist trap designed to bind the mass man in a prison of his five senses.  A model of reality and epistemology pushed by the Royal Society and British Imperial policy for a good damn while now, this worldview is slowly breaking down and collapsing.  Unfortunately, it is often hijacked and distorted to promote some version of new age thinking where man’s thoughts create all of his objective reality, resulting in an incoherent denial of logic and systematic thinking.  Once again, man insists on being a slave to classical western dialectics, as the goal should be the integration of the rational, left brain, with the creative, intuitive right brain.  Needless to say, I have been more than shocked by the great thinkers who have posited a similar conspiracy to conceal metaphysical truths (such as Kurt Godel), while in its place promoting a self-destructive worldview of perpetual, meaningless chaotic flux and temporally enslaving nihilism.  It is as if a man had one foot nailed to the ground, and ran around in a circle staring at the ground for eternity.

This is why, in modern “philosophy” courses, you will take an introductory class that touches on Plato and Aristotle (maybe!), and then leap to Bacon and Descartes, with nothing about metaphysics or the thousand years in-between.  Possibly later on, you will have a course in some other thinker who might have good insights, but more often than not, the role of the “professor” (whether from ignorance or foundation mandate) is to direct the course of the conversation in dialogical praxis (and other nonsense Marxist neologistic ploys) towards materialism and empiricism.  Nothing is more frustrating and infuriating than seeing philosophy destroyed by reprobates and fools who wreck the very discipline they are paid to teach – and you pay to have ruined! But enough about these robotic droning drone “professors,” as their will to destroy and annihilate is ultimately only a harbinger of their own demise and the lemmings that follow them.  Let us go on to larger and greater realities, even realities beyond the five senses.

Penrose tiling is that of the quasicrystal and the hypercube or tesseract.

Penrose tiling is that of the quasicrystal and the hypercube or tesseract.

I have titled my previous discussion on this topic “Introduction to Hidden Metaphysics, Pt. 1,” and a sequel is soon to follow with similar themes as found in this article.  Really, metaphysics itself as a philosophical discipline can nowadays be called “hidden,” since it is largely a discarded art; partly why my thesis on this subject is the highest levels of the establishment’s scientific and technological arms are operating on an entirely different metaphysic than is popularly believed.  That metaphysic is exemplified by thinkers like Tegmark, Penrose, Pauli, Godel, Heisenberg, etc., and while we are given little droplets and giblets here and there pointing in the direction of a higher, more advanced level of metaphysics (not mere empirical “science”), we come to see the only way these amazing technological advances could be occurring is on that alternate paradigm.  As I have written for several years now, it is not the paradigm of empirical materialism, but something closer to Platonic metaphysics.  This is not an endorsement of all elements of Platonism, but rather that the tradition that extends from the platonic corpus is chock full of insights that lift the nous above the realm of change and flux to eternal Truth, which forms the underlying and interpenetrating energetic substrate for our level of reality.



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