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Things That Make You Go Hmmm……

new-earth-2I have spent the last two hours searching for this NDE because I wanted to share it with you. I knew it existed… out there… in the NDE-world, but finding it was a bit of a challenge. Once I read it again, I remembered the reason why I didn’t post it when I read it the first time, years ago. It seems very disjointed and if you don’t know what you are looking at – you might get very confused.

I don’t like to generally post a lot of my feelings about what the meaning of the NDE’s are that I post – I like to pretty much leave that up to the reader. In this case, though, I think I will provide my own insights into this NDE. I will post my comments in italics, okay? Okay. Let’s get started. – AngelicView

She is going for surgery, and she finds herself outside of her body after they give the anesthetic:

Ekaterina A‘s NDE

When I turned 16 I got sick with a very rare disease   pheochromocytoma (a kind of tumor). A whole year passed away before the doctors understood what I am sick with and decided to operate me.

On the operating table they put me under anesthetic which took effect quite suddenly. In this moment I hanged above the operating room, exactly under the big lamps. Although I was at about 2 meters height, everything seemed to be like in a cathedral and the ceiling was at least 6 meters high. Soon the main surgeon peeped in the room and said in surprise,  Ah, the girl is already asleep!  I was watching the liveliness in the operating room. Various doctors, trainees and student were coming to watch because the operation was extremely rare. In my home country 1-2 persons get sick with this disease yearly and 9 from 10 people die without diagnosis. So it turned out that I got big luck.

While I was hanging over my body in expectation of the beginning of the operation, I perceived the world quite differently. I felt big relief, pacification and inner peace. I  watched the sleeping body below and I knew that it’s me, yet actually it’s not me. As though my body was a machine, borrowed for a while, with which I’m to do some matters. I was understanding that my personality consists of several parts, one of which I left in this moment (and which represented sex, age, nationality, outward appearance), but I was continuing to inhabit the others. I was feeling no pity on the stretched on several machines body, neither I was feeling attachment to it, as though it was a worn and taken off article of clothing.

All the time while I was watching the operating room, I was feeling the emotions of individual people as well as the emotions which overwhelmed everyone.

Soon the operating team of three surgeons gathered together. The main surgeon was an edlerly professor at the age of 67 at that time, who had done such an operation in his youth. Among all others there was no one with experience in my rare disease.

The moment before they started, all participants and observers were affected by the great tension and expectation, admixed with excitement and fear. For several seconds everybody was silent and doing nothing. After that the main surgeon made an incision of the skin. The tumor was located in the left adrenal gland and my body was turned on its right side and tied together. I was watching the gradually cutting of the tissues, more and more deeply, until the moment in which the adrenal gland was not exposed. The tension grew up incredibly, for a while the professor was observing the gland and was not touching it. Nobody knew what could happen, they were expecting the touch to release a big amount of hormones. In principle the gland is small and on her could be seen a little excrescence. It was supposed that this was the tumor and the initial intention of the doctors was to cut it. Later it turned out that the the whole core of the gland was transformed into tumor, which had teared the wrapper of the gland a little bit and came out on the surface. Finally the professor decided to cut and I felt the great tension of the many people in the operating room.

In the moment, in which the scalpel touched the gland, the fears of all were justified. That very instant, continued one millisecond, stretched, as though the time slowed suddenly. Simultaneously many things happened. I felt the wave of panic, which swept away everyone. At the same moment a high shriek was heard from the device that was measuring the heart rate. I felt the impulse of the beginning of a with-the-speed-of-lightening movement, energy, with which everyone from the operating team rushed to do something. Time stretched so much that it looked as a picture, in which the people, intertwined hands, were handing one another various things and were trying to do something.

In this moment I felt a powerful suction from my back (the place where the lamps were), so powerful that I couldn’t resist it, although I tried to. In the same moment in which I was sucked, the time set out at full speed, as though it wanted to make it up and the chaos and panic below, as well as the screams, were indescribable, but this also continued for less than a second. In the next moment I was floating at full speed through an absolutely dark tunnel, in which there were some gleams, and way ahead in the tunnel a yellow dot was shining. The dot came quickly near and the tunnel throw me away, in the same way man falls from the edge of a water slide in the pool, in some strange place. It was empty, the feeling for above, below and sidewards was relative, there was no floor, but I was not flying. The air was  shining  in milk-yellow, something similar of the most dense fog, in which you’ve ever got into, lit up from yellow fog lights, but one could see through it.



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