Our Universe Could Be Part Of A Soap Bubble – Evidence Of Parallel Universes

multiverse0011by MessageToEagle.com

The idea that our Universe could be a small component within a vast assemblage of other universes that together make up a “multiverse” has been treated by physicists as intriguing, but so far it has remained in the realm of theory without any experimental tests that could support it.

That might change now when a team of scientists has found evidence that other universes, as well as our own actually lie within “bubbles” of space and time.

“It would be a pretty amazing thing to show that we have actually made physical contact in another universe,” George Efstathiou University of Cambridge said.

The theory that invokes these bubble universes is a theory formally called “eternal inflation”.

According to this theory, such universes are popping into and out of existence and colliding all the time, with the space between them rapidly expanding, meaning that they are forever out of reach of one another.

Of course, due to the difficulties proving the theory many scientists have remain cautious.

With so many scientists having their hands in these tests and theories, the end game could be plenty of groundbreaking results with universal implications for years to come.



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