Removing Every Hindrance Between You and Reality

Image1by Brian Thompson.

When there exists no hindrance whatsoever between you and that which you perceive, then all that remains is the intimate act of perceiving itself.

Unhindered by mind, awareness then reveals only the bliss of consciousness being. Allow conceptual thought to fall away and merge in perfect harmony with all that you perceive.

Our awareness is always open to accept all that it receives—our awakening is in becoming conscious of this unbound awareness, without detracting from its perfection with subjective thoughts of desire or fear, and without trying to divide the truth of reality into separate parts independent from the whole.

This already happens autonomously and with no effort, however, our mind veils the choiceless act of perceiving, and focusses instead on its seemingly apparent parts—the subject from which it’s viewed and the objects of perception which it thereby includes.

We consider ourselves to be the centre from where all perceiving seems to be located, behind our eyes, that place of awareness which we commonly call our “self”.

We then wrap this “centre of perception”—our so-called self—inside objects of conceptual thought, discernment and emotion, which we then further define by opinions of that which is perceived, the objects of the world.

In truth however, we are neither the subject nor the object of perception. We are neither the body which perceives, nor the world it sees—rather, we are the awareness that is perceiving both.

I am not the perceived, nor am I the perceiver; I am the continuous act of perceiving.

And so, I hate to break it to you, but you don’t exist, and neither do any of the things that surround you.

You see, you believe that you have a “self” because of the continual succession of memories and experiences that you’ve chosen to identify yourself with. You believe that “you” are the owner of these memories, and that all such experiences happened directly to “you”.



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