Journeying and the Imagination


Imagination is the Translator For the Shamanic Journey…

When I teach journey classes, I explain to students that journeys often feel like you are imagining them.  This is because your imagination is the translator that helps your every day mind understand what is going on in the journey.  When you go on a shamanic journey, part of your soul goes on the journey.  Another part of your soul stays behind.

What happens on the journey happens to your soul.  These happenings would not make any sense to your brain, if your imagination did not step in to explain it in a way the brain can understand.  This is what I mean when I say the imagination is the translator for your journey.

Using the Full Power of Your Imagination

holding-the-light-of-imagination-300x225Recently, one of my teachers* gave me a new idea for the imagination and journeying.  Simply put: You can use your imagination to help you experience the journey more fully.

While I knew that imagination was the translator for the brain, it never occurred to me to ask my imagination to do more.  Your imagination doesn’t just have to translate the visual parts of the journey or the sounds.  If you engage your imagination fully it can also help your body feel the sensations that occur on your journeys.

If you are on a journey moving through rapids, you can engage your imagination to help your body feel the sensations of the water rushing around you.  If you are in a field of flowers, your imagination can help supply the smells of what is it like to be there.

In some societies, shamans talk about taking your body with you when you journey.  When they say this, they mean that their entire body and all of their senses experience the journey as if the body is there on the journey.  That is the potential of how strong your journeys can feel if you unleash the full power of your imagination when journeying.  The ultimate goal would be to see, smell, feel, and hear your journeys.



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