How to Make a Smudge Stick – Affordable, DIY, Organic

how-to-make-a-smudge-stick-DIY-2Smudging, or the act of burning herbs and flowers, has been done for thousands of years. Tracing back its origins to ancient cultures such as the Native Americans Indians, smudging cleanses energy through the use of something called a smudge stick. When a smudge stick is burnt, it gives off resinous smoke that burns up toxic energy, restoring people and places back to harmonious balance.

Smudging is frequently done to cleanse people, places and objects. Benefits include an increased sense of calmness, well-being, mental clarity, confidence, optimism and physical vitality.

Common herbs and flowers used include:

  • Lavender (peace of mind and restfulness)
  • Mugwort (intuition, banishes negative energy)
  • White Sage (joy, wisdom and restores harmony)
  • Rosemary (mental acuity and purification)
  • Thyme (positivity and courage)
  • Pine (serenity and rejuvenation)
  • Heather (new beginnings and self-discovery)
  • Meadowsweet (love and calmness)

Almost any herb or flower can be used to smudge. However, it’s important to research your chosen herb, flower or plant before burning it! Some species may emit noxious odors that can provoke asthma or illness.

Thankfully you don’t have to pay an arm and leg for the many pre-made smudge sticks out there. You can make your own! In fact, you’ll probably be surprised by how easy, quick, cheap and fun they are to make.

How to Make a Smudge Stick

I’ve chosen rosemary from my garden for this simple demonstration. Historically rosemary is one of the oldest forms of purification, stimulating the mind and calming the heart. It is also a very grounding herb.

Before you begin, go look in your garden. You can forage for your smudging herbs for free as often the best herbs are home-grown varieties such as lavender or thyme.

It’s important that you use organic grown herbs or flowers that haven’t been sprayed with pesticides (for obvious reasons). Growing your own herbs is very simple and inexpensive. Not only that, but they give you an endless source of natural food seasoning and material for DIY smudge sticks!



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