Mar 04

Universal Synchronization, Destiny And The ‘Agents Of Fate’

Universal-synchronization-universe-synchronicity-790x381by Dreamcatcher

Universal synchronization happens all the time in our lives but the simplest way of explaining it is coincidence. All the incidents that happen in our lives have nothing to do with luck but everything to do with positive energies working for us from sources beyond our control.

People are fond of the word “coincidently” but, in reality, none of the important things in life happen by accident.

The unseen realm has a way of aligning events so that we meet the people we are supposed to meet and learn the lessons that we are destined to master (be it sooner or later).

These events may appear to be utterly coincidental, but, for example, meeting the person that you were just thinking about, even though you haven’t met in years, should make you rethink the theory of “universal synchronization” (a.k.a. synchronicity).

Examples of Universal Synchronization

A common example of synchronicity is to pick up the phone to call someone you have not spoken to in a while, only to receive a call from that very person, at that exact moment — you can bet it is more than simple coincidence, so you should set up a meeting and see if there’s a lesson manifesting for one of the two.

A more complicated example of synchronicity, one that is mostly overlooked, is the following:

You are driving around a full parking lot for what seems to be ages, until a car suddenly frees up a space right in front of you. Moments later, as you go about your business, you stumble across someone very important or dear to you.

If you would have found an empty parking spot a minute before or after the moment you did, the meeting would have never taken place — but that car pulled out just in right moment to make your meeting manifest.

And, sometimes, for an important universal synchronization to take place, years of preparations are needed. A series of events may unfold, spanning for long periods of time, so that in the end you end up in the right place and at the right time for your lesson/ mission/ meeting to manifest.



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