You are not separate from nature, you ARE nature

Image1by Brian Thompson.

If you believe that you are separate from nature, and that you are not actually “nature” yourself, then you will continue to be divided from the natural bliss of your true nature.

If this is your belief, that you stand in opposition to the infinite circle of life, rather than one with it, then happiness will continue to elude you. If you allow your egoic mind to dominate your life by separating you from your SELF—which is the Universal Consciousness that permeates everything—then you will left to emotionally flounder inside an empty Heart.

As long as you continue to run from yourself, you will never be found. Realize your SELF.

You are not separate from the rest of the human kingdom, nor the animal kingdom, nor the vegetable kingdom, nor the mineral kingdom—together they each compose the very cell structure and conditioning of your body, mind and bones. They are the microcosm that swirls inside of you and are the very cause of the physical presence in which your consciousness appears to abide.

All things are in your universe, just as you are in theirs—there is no division. All is One. Any boundaries that you perceive within the world and its multiplicity of phenomena is imagined; it exists only within mind—the divisions you perceive are not real.

There is only one nature—and YOU are That.

The SELF that animates your personal body—the presence of awareness, the sense of I AM that emanates from within—is the very same SELF that is the spark of life vibrating within all apparent people, places, plants, planets, beings, and all manner of things.

YOU are Nature. YOU are Pure Consciousness. YOU are Infinite Awareness. YOU are Absolute Reality. YOU are God. YOU are Brahman. YOU are your own conscious creation.

Do not think that you are apart from anything, or that your personal self somehow stands on the outside of reality looking in. You cannot dominate the outside world through your own selfish control, no matter how deceiving such appearances may seem.

Every action has its effect, and in time, all karma is served.

The river of reality cannot be stopped from flowing along its predetermined course. You do not stand alone on the banks of the stream as an independent observer. You are one with the river. You are the stream itself, flowing with the flow—so you best not struggle, for if you resist, you will surely drown.



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