Spiritual Hygiene – How To Heal Spiritual Hurt And Injuries

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Learn how to heal your spirit by identifying spiritual wounds and practicing spiritual hygiene.

As a society, we value our bodies more than our minds, and our minds more than our souls. This is apparent even in children.

Take the example of toddlers who know that they must brush their teeth twice a day, and that if they get a cut they must tend to it to avoid making it more painful.

We know how to heal our bodies. We cleanse wounds from outside and aid the healing process from within, with pharmaceuticals.

However, we do not do the same for our minds.

And though we experience psychological and emotional hurt and pain more often than physical hurt, we tend to avoid taking care of them. Are we not guilty of being unkind and unloving towards ourselves, often?

Still, many of us ‘know’ how to heal our minds. We cleanse it of excess, negative, and self-critical thoughts through meditation.

But what about our spirits? What are the wounds that we often experience and we let fester? How do we take care of them?

Spiritual Hurt that We Experience Regularly

Humans are kind by nature. This kindness stems from our inner child that wishes to openly embrace others with an undefended heart and to give freely; and, in the processes, allows us to transcend and expand our consciousness.



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