Meditation Does To Your Mind What Exercise Does To Your Body

Meditation-buddha-statue-790x381@2xWhich type of meditation does your mind need? Usually, we treat our minds differently than our bodies, often avoiding taking care of the mind. 

How do you take care of your body?

The answer would comprise of one or more of the following elements: exercise, a healthy diet, physical hygiene, and taking proper medicine when required.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

Let’s take the example of exercising. People don’t just perform a single, universal set of exercises. They have various preferences, for different physical needs.

This can range from improving cardiovascular function and stamina, to improving muscle tone, gaining muscle mass, weight loss, and so on.

Now let’s concentrate on the physical hygiene. There is no one aspect of physical hygiene. Different parts of the body require different type of attention.

Take oral hygiene (brushing our teeth, flossing, mouth wash, etc.), bathing, and other grooming exercises.

In both cases (exercise and physical hygiene), every aspect requires a different set of tools and type of care. Simply put together the different tools and techniques we use just for taking care of our oral health and hygiene.

Now think of your mind, and mental health and hygiene.

How many exercises, techniques, and tools do you use to take care of it?

The most commonly known and popular tool, technique, and method is, well… meditation.

That’s it.

Now, does it strike as strange? How we have left the care of our mind to the fringes of our thought?



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