groupAs we approach the dawn of the light half of the great cycle, the fog of amnesia begins to lift and we start to remember…
We are eternal beings – of course – we always have been.  Like the idea or hate it, reincarnation is true, and you are a culmination of your previous lives and experiences. Grab this last chance to get your act together.
Synchronicity, the cosmic joke, and the messages we receive from the part of us that didn’t sleep, start to reappear.  Everything happens for a reason – it always did.
Some remembered the past, or past lives, some were corrupted by the dark side, and convinced us that they knew best and would see us through. I doubt it, but perhaps they did… we’re here now aren’t we.  But as we return to the light part of the cycle, those that ruled in the dark try to hang on and hold back the awakening as long as they can, they’ll burn up like Dracula entering the sun or shrivel when touched by truth.
Now is the time to leave the shelter of the matrix, and re-enter the age of enlightenment.
Your choice – you may not have liked the options but you always have a choice.




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