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Forgotten Purpose Of The Mind

hand-814694_1280by Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D

Human Mind is a wonderful masterpiece that has immense potentials. Most of the potentials, however, remain unused at most people, since it is not us who are in charge of things, but our Mind takes control of us. Our Mind is rushing through life with us like a car running without a driver, causing us constant suffering and sorrow. But if we were able to control our Mind, our life would change completely. This mad speeding would change into a beautiful, creative dance, giving us happiness, instead of pain. The question is therefore, how we are able to take control over our Mind?

The Nature of the Mind

In order to control something, we first need to know the thing concerned¸ so we must know our Mind so as to be in charge of it. The most important thing we need to about our Mind is that it is not something that exists separately, individually, like some inanimate object. The Mind is not an object–it is a process. The process of constantly streaming thoughts. This stream of the thoughts is what we perceive as the Mind. When these thoughts disappear, the Mind disappears with them, as the two are only able to exist together. The very basic nature of thoughts is that they are in a constant move, and this motion, almost automatically, creates the Mind.

A characteristic feature of our Mind is that it keeps roaming, wandering; it operates in something like an automatic mode. Thoughts come and go all the time. If we attempt to suppress them, it is only possible with considerable efforts, and even then to a short time only. In most of our waking time, our Mind wanders either in the past or in the future, in our thoughts we deal with our experience of the past, offences we suffered in the past, or with our future plans, goals and fears.

Another characteristic of our Mind is that it constantly evaluates things. It means that we do not simply live through our experiences, but we also categorize them as good or bad. We judge everything that happens to us and everybody we meet in our lives. This permanent categorization may easily lead to a distorted perception of the world, as we evaluate our new experiences in these categories. If we find an experience negative, we will tend to keep–and reinforce–that category for similar experiences in the future. Our perception will therefore be selective, and we will only accept the stimuli that reinforces our categorization, and we tend to ignore those that fall outside our usual categories.

The third important characteristic of the Mind is that it permanently produces stories. These stories often have a disastrous end. For instance, I suddenly try to remember whether I locked the door of my home or not. The Mind immediately fabricates a whole story around the idea: I did leave it open, a burglar came, my valuables have been stolen, and the police, instead of chasing the thief, will harass me with their questions. We often experience the ends and emotional consequences of these stories. Another type of stories deals with us, who are we, what are we like, what we should do or should have done. The entirety of these stories comprises our personal histories.

A Foolish Game

Most people tend to identify with their thoughts and personal histories, that is, with their Minds. A lot of us are not satisfied with what we are, and we would like to have a better and more beautiful personal history. That is why we create a mental image of our desired personal development, and the ways of making the work of our Minds more effective.

In order to achieve the mental image we ourselves have created, we embark on a foolish game, as we attempt to bring our Minds under our own control, and be the masters of our own development. Since we do not know the nature of the Mind, this venture is destined to failure right from the beginning.

This game is foolish, since in fact one half of the Mind attempts to bring the other half under control. Our Mind itself deems our own mental image of our personal development good. At the same time, this half of the Mind deems the other half, the one we wish to change, bad. Mental images fight against each other, trying to overcome each other, using the weapons of selective perception and story fabrication. The struggle goes on, with changing luck, all through our lives. Sometimes we believe that we are making some progress, we are improving, and a few weeks, months or years later we drop into the abyss of despair.




Jun 14

When Patterns are Broken…




Jun 14

Those Who Think They’re Normal Are Actually Not ~ Alan Watts



Jun 14

The Sun’s Benefits Go Way Beyond Vitamin D

Yoga+ImageBy John Naish

The sun has got his hat on, our moods feel lighter and we are gripped by a desire to soak up some solar rays. But no, we keep being told: the threat of skin cancer makes this potentially lethal.

Now, however, scientists are discovering a positive side to sun-worshiping. Getting a good dose of sunshine is statistically going to make us live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Emerging research indicates that sunlight may protect us against a wide range of lethal or disabling conditions, such as obesity, heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and multiple sclerosis. Sunshine has also been shown to boost our libidos and general mood.

This is not simply about vitamin D — which our skin manufactures from sunlight. The vitamin helps us build healthy bones and teeth and may protect against bowel cancer. But new research indicates that solar rays benefit our bodies in multiple other ways.

Scientists now believe, for example, that exposure to sun prompts our bodies to produce nitric oxide, a chemical that helps protect our cardiovascular system — and the feelgood brain-chemical serotonin.


A major clue about sunshine’s benefits has emerged from a study of nearly 30,000 Swedish women whose sunbathing habits have been followed for 20 years.

In March investigators, from the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, concluded that avoiding the sun is actually as bad for you as smoking.

The study, in the Journal of Internal Medicine, found that 1.5 women in 100 who reported they had the highest exposure to ultraviolet light (by sunbathing up to once a day) were found to have died during the two decades, compared with three in 100 for women who said they had avoided sunbathing.

The avid sunbathers had a significantly lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease and other conditions that were not related to cancer, the research explains.

Dr Pelle Lindqvist, the epidemiologist who led the study, says the research also found that: ‘Non-smokers who avoided the sun had a life expectancy similar to smokers in the highest sun exposure group, indicating that avoiding the sun is a risk factor for death of a similar magnitude to smoking.’


Dr Richard Weller, senior lecturer in dermatology at Edinburgh University, last year published a report in the journal Maturitas warning that older people in particular need to get into the sun more. ‘Advice on healthy sun exposure needs to be reconsidered,’ he urges. ‘The older population are particularly sun-deprived as shown by low blood levels of vitamin D and lack of outdoor activity.’




Jun 14

How to Open The Mind to a NEW REALITY! (law of attraction)

Learn how to open your mind to a new reality to create a life by design. To harness the Law of Attraction and make it work for you, the mind must be taught how to move past limitations. The brain will deny information that doesn’t fit the model it knows. All of the options are available and right in front of each of us. To attract and manifest what is wanted the mind must learn to believe in those options.

Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns. These principles are the secret formula to follow if you wish to align with your desires the way countless others have. You are a limitless creator. Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire!



Jun 13

The world…




Jun 13


Image1I think, imagine and it’s there.
– Sai Baba

If you perceive the world as real, then why is it that the one determining it is intangible? Are you aware that realities exist simultaneously? If you think that idea seems ridiculous, it means that you are not fully engaged with your own environment.

Because mankind has been conditioned that the external world is more real than the internal one, what we perceive in this world is, in fact, a dual-reality system. Synchronizing these realities into one experience of life brings the feeling of balance and wisdom within a person.

Most people think that humanity lives in the 3rd dimension, and that is true due to the perception of 3D objects – spacial awareness. But human behavior is spread across the 2nd and 3rd spiritual dimensions because ethical codes are represented by political systems, and moral codes are different from person to person. In order for a species to experience a common dimension, most participants would have to synchronize their thoughts into one way of life, which humanity hasn’t done.

So what is a dimension? A measurement in time and space is referred to as dimension, which derives from the Latin “dimensio.” In a reality above and within another, a dimension is the space occupied by a created world. Its boundaries are a combination of evolvement and duration. This is too big to be measured in human concepts, but a similarity of dimensions is that they are all Cognitive.

Theoretical physics has hypothesized the existence of at least 26 dimensions in the known Universe, and states that the human species is in the 3rd because of our ability to perceive 3D objects. Actually that’s not entirely accurate, because some people on earth perceive the 4th dimension without even realizing it. These same people may also subconsciously take advantage of their ability to tap into that knowledge. The human concept of a dimension has limits, and since people don’t like to think in terms of limits, then perhaps we should redefine the meaning of dimensions to phases of awareness.

Phases of Awareness recognize both scientific evolution and the knowledge of the Soul. If mankind lives in the 3rd dimension, does that make a difference in our behavior? Answering this question requires a transtheological understanding of the human psyche in a 3D environment. Even if people live in a 3D world, their behavior indicates a bidirectional communication, so it could be said that humanity is experiencing and using the 2nd phase of awareness – spiritual 2D. The forms of relationships people have on Earth are bidirectional for the sake of self-protection. For thousands of years behaviors changed, but the direction has remained the same. We could say that a human experience is like a fantastic virtual reality (VR) on a physical dimension where the Soul lives in conjunction with the physical self.

So how many states of consciousness are there? Personally I don’t think the number is important. The main goal is Spiritual Evolvement. The merging of large-scale group consciousness is part of the 3rd phase of awareness. The duration of each phase is not important, because the experience is the reconnection with Universal Consciousness. Everybody knows this subconsciously, and the differences between each state of consciousness is Awareness Awareness.

It’s strange to think that people view themselves lower than reality. Spiritual Awareness is sometimes understood as a journey up a stairway or pyramid. It seems that people feel the need to go in an upward journey, while clinging to this limiting form of bidirectional communication. Are people afraid to look down? Let’s imagine traveling toward the Moon, and you pause somewhere in the mid-point of the journey. Suspended in animation… floating, you slowly direct your view down and what do you see? How does it Feel seeing planet Earth for the first time? The experience is timeless, because you realize how small your home is in the Universe, and at the same time awareness is expanded beyond earthly reality. Once awareness has been expanded, it cannot go back to its previous state. Only imagination can be fluid in a creative Universe.

In order to understand what the next phase might be like, we must first put aside the divisions created toward each other. By that I mean the prejudices created due to color blindness (racism), tribal views (patriotism), wealth (poverty) and doctrinal views (religious or scientific beliefs). Once this is done, then we may transcend to a level beyond our current one. Depending on the open mindedness of our Hearts and Souls, we may transcend to the 4th phase and beyond.




Jun 13

What Is the Relationship Between Meditation and Transformation?

1676300378_bf53d655a9_zby Jeff Carreira

I have dedicated my life to the exploration of the profound potential for transformation that all human beings possess. In this pursuit I have had the grace of experiencing transformation at the core of my being and I have always had other pioneering souls with whom to share and explore. All of that experience has brought with it an unshakeable conviction that there is a profound relationship between meditation and transformation. In this article I share my understanding of how, and why, the experience of meditation profoundly enhances our capacity to transform.

Let me be clear that when I talk about meditation I am not referring only to sitting with your eyes closed. I am talking about deep abidance in the experience of who we are beyond the mind. The posture or form that initiates that abidance doesn’t ultimately matter. All that matters is that we move beyond the assumed limits of the mind.

You see, our minds have been profoundly conditioned to remain relentlessly fixated on a certain range of thoughts, feelings, and sensory perceptions that actually lie within a much larger field of awareness. Because this range is what we have become habituated to perceive, we assume that it is all there is to be aware of. One of the miracles of meditation is the discovery that we can perceive more than our minds can. In fact, we are already conscious of more than our minds can know.

Meditation—whether it’s done sitting with your eyes closed or using some other method—occurs when you discover how to remove your attention from anything in particular and allow it to float freely in consciousness.

When meditation occurs it is like realizing that you can fly. You live your whole life anchored to a narrow range of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and suddenly you find yourself floating in midair. Nothing is more exhilarating or mind altering than the freedom you find in true meditation.

To understand the relationship between meditation and transformation the first thing we have to realize is that the entirety of our current experience of being human has been carved out of a much vaster field of possible experience.

We know that our eyes only perceive a narrow part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, and our ears only hear a small range of sound frequencies. In the same way our minds only experience a small part of an immeasurable field of consciousness.

As I already stated, one of the great miracles that can be discovered through meditation is that we have the ability to experience consciousness beyond what the mind is capable of experiencing. We are not our minds and our ability to experience is not limited by our minds. This discovery is like seeing beyond what the eye can see, or hearing more than what the ear can hear. We have much more access to consciousness than what the mind alone experiences.

The next thing that we have to realize in order to fully appreciate the relationship between meditation and transformation is that all of reality is in constant flux. We are born into an unintelligible rush of experience.

Slowly we learn how to filter our perception so that we stabilize in a particular experience of being someone. Within an unceasing flow of experience we have temporarily stabilized into the experience of being ‘me.’ By ceaselessly focusing on a limited part of the ever-shifting field of experience we are able to experience ourselves as a static being.




Jun 13

YOU ARE BORN TWICE. simulation reality. how can so many people keep this a secret for so long!?

Proof you can verify yourself that many people on this planet know the truth and keep it a secret. this video will prove ou reality is not what we think it is.

This is an accumulation of most of my work put into one video. we are in fact in a simulation reality



Jun 13

You are this precise moment

static1.squarespace.comby Brian Thompson

Why do you make everything so complicated?

Why make life so difficult by wrapping it inside one concept after another? Why do you insist on making everything so hard for yourself by not allowing things to just be as they are?

Drop every idea you have about yourself and the world. You are not the noise that appears within mind. You are not anything you might think.

Just be still. Keep quiet.

Be the silence that forever listens. Be the spacious presence of seeing—without applying any thought onto what is seen. Be only the aware presence in which all perceiving appears.

Be empty. This is it what it means to be full and complete.

Be empty of any inner conjecture, rhetoric and discernment. Be empty of any criticism, desire and fear. Be empty of any self-identity and self-analysis.

Be empty. Do no entertain any subjective nonsense of mind.

Just let all thoughts pass. You are the blissful space of nothingness in which they seem to appear.

No longer identify with anything other than as the witness of all that seems to be. You are this aware presence, not anything that appears within it. Witness your thoughts, observe the happenings of the world, but be free of all of them.

Be free of all concepts. Stop all story-telling.

Realize that no drama can exist without you, for you bring all drama into being.

You bring countless things into false existence simply by your belief in them. These are your struggles. Be empty of your delusions. Simply watch your concepts arise within mind and then allow them to freely pass, unhindered by any attention to them.

You are confused by life because you try to deconstruct each moment with endless speculation. Your noisy mind divides you from the very peace you seek. You must do nothing other than quiet the mind. No longer engage in its inner dialogue and debate.

This requires no effort. What does require effort however, is your endless grasping at mind’s constantly running narrative. Just let it all go.

Life isn’t to be analyzed, it’s to be felt—in the present. It’s to be lived, in the only moment there is—here and now.




Jun 11

What is “Normal”? This Physician’s Amazing Response Will Make You Think

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Does normal exist? And if so what is normal? World renowned physician Gabor Matén simply answers this complex question in the video below, sharing his insight and wisdom on this extremely important topic.

One of the beautiful points made by Dr. Maté is that “normal” is merely a concept- an artificial construct that has been put forward by society, and that mental distress are a consequence of the materialistic, consumption-driven culture.




Jun 11

Frequency of Consciousness and Time; Perception is (not) Reality

The Frequency of Consciousness

figure-7_chronophoto2One Moment From Many, Many As One

This is what is known as a stroboscopic image. That is, this image is compiled from many images taken in a successive fashion and conjoined into one complete image.

This is a metaphor for consciousness in time. The actual occurrence of time is as such a elongated yet transient embodiment.

The Short and the Long Body Seen Together

Each image of the woman walking could be seen as “one moment” of experience in time. The brain collects these freeze-frame images from reality and streamlines them together so seamlessly that we perceive one continuous stream from one moment to the next.

The Similarity to Electronic Recording Apparatus

This is similar to how a camera and a TV or monitor works. The important part is as follows: the images are not actually streamlined together as one complete occurrence. They are as separate as can be! One can even take software and slow each frame down to view each individual occurrence and make alterations or observations. They are surely separate as this is the very nature of how the recording apparatus operates to transfer the light reflected from the images themselves onto a recording medium and then into a display.

Now we return back to the idea of how this relates to the reality of consciousness in the brain, and the actual physical reality around us that our body is immersed within. People often hold to the idea that because this reality is apparently, logically, streamlined as one continuous occurrence, that the brain itself must be responsible for chopping reality up into little moments within each second and then translating those into continuous streams of consciousness.

The truth may be different. In reality, we may actually be within a kind of physical and temporal ‘motion grid’ where actions and changes are restricted to a rigid interaction that is merely simulating the occurrence of true motion.

The Perception of Continuous Motion

phieffectThe image to the right is depicting what’s known as the “Phi Effect” and this is what creates the perception of fluid motion from a series of images. Even when the rate of change for the images are visible, motion is still generated through perception.

This motion is not actual, but is the generation of two single modes of operation of an on and off switching back and forth through three positions.  From this repetitive pattern we perceive a continuous stream of motion around the square. Try to watch a dot, and realize that it’s not moving, but merely traveling three spaces down and starting over again. This is difficult because our perceptions are capable of entraining us into a certain experience and this can be stronger than our own will-power. If you are persistent and focused, you may ‘zone’ out and defocus your perception from the individual motion and at-once realize the entire string of lights is not revolving but merely flashing as if through a glitch of some kind. Sometimes the dots may even appear to stop in perception. That is how you know you are a altering your perception through focus.

Perceptions Are Not Reality

Perceptions are not reality, but how we interpret various stimuli and develop a subjective experience is the reality we perceive as real. This is a tricky illusion. What we are lead to perceive is reality is just the interpretation of the paint on the canvas and is not even an accurate assessment of paint or a canvas.

The Collective Virtual Reality; The Human Experience of Biological Consciousness

We have similar perceptual systems so we believe we are all seeing the same reality. Often, we are all interpreting reality similarly and so we are all wearing the same “perceptual goggles” and plugging into the same “perception generated” subjective reality that only people with brains and perceptual systems geared towards this have access to. This is sometimes referred to as the collective human ‘virtual reality experience’.

This helps us communicate about, interact with, and understand aspects of the world however, this also locks us into a given reality which is considerably narrow considering any amount of perceptual subjectivity. That is because the stream of information we have access to is potentially far beyond what the mind can comprehend in a given situation, yet we can only express or interact with what we can make sense of. When stimuli or ‘internal information’ moves beyond the limits of perception we lose the ability to comprehend and integrate the experience into a meaningfully coherent reality.




Jun 11

The Bottomless Pit of Materialism is Slowly Driving Us Insane

minimalism-1400x600This is everything I own: A MacBook Pro, an iPad, an unlocked iPhone, seven shirts, two pairs of jeans, two jackets, one coat, one sweater, two pairs of shoes, a suitcase, a backpack, some gym shorts, bathroom stuff, socks, and underwear. That’s it. Everything I own can be easily packed into a small suitcase and moved within 30 minutes.

There is nothing that I want that I don’t already own. And this is despite owning a six-figure internet business.

In Fight Club, Tyler Durden made the bold claim: “The things you own, end up owning you.” Although I think that’s true, I’m not going to be a zealot here and try to convince you to throw away all of your possessions and go live on a mountain or something. Obviously, you have a life and a home (perhaps a family) and needs, and a radical shift in lifestyle wouldn’t be practical for many of you. I live in a new country every three months, run my entire life from my laptop and rent furnished apartments everywhere I go. I realize that’s not a typical luxury.

But what I am going to try to convince you is that you probably don’t need as much of the stuff you think you do and that getting rid much of it can be surprisingly liberating as well as make you happier.

Back in 2007, I went broke after graduating university. To deal with this, I sold most of my possessions and moved onto a friend’s couch temporarily. At the time, it was painful. My bed, my desk, a lot of my books and CD’s, pictures, and who knows what else. I remember it felt excruciating. But despite my perception of “selling everything,” I still moved into my friend’s place with two large boxes of crap, a full suitcase of clothes, desktop computer, desk chair, TV stand (don’t ask) and other odds and ends. For the six months, I lived on that couch, 75% of everything I owned sat neatly in boxes, untouched.

The next year, with a struggling online business, no money, and nowhere to go, I moved home to live with mom for a while. Since shipping a box full of stuff from Boston to Texas cost $100 at the time, and that was about $100 more than I could afford to spend, I jettisoned even more stuff. On Craigslist, everything went: goodbye bicycle, messenger bag, the high-end poker chip set I won in a tournament, framed pictures, dumbbell weights, yoga mat, basketball, Playstation 2 and games. It hurt. It’s funny now, but looking back I really felt like a failure because I was selling all of my possessions to keep my business afloat. Like it was this massive sacrifice. Aside from my clothes and suitcase, all I kept was my guitar and a small box of books.

hand-holding-suitcase-780x596Six months later, I began my foray into the mobile Tim Ferriss-inspired lifestyle. I visited Brazil and moved to Buenos Aires. I took one large suitcase with me and spent hours the days before I left deliberating over how I was going to fit everything I “needed” into one single suitcase for 3-6 months abroad. Which tools do I bring? Which raincoat should I bring? Fitness supplements, external hard drives, an extra pair of running shoes, clothes iron and cooking spices all seemed like necessities at the time.

Needless to say, I didn’t use half of the stuff I brought to Argentina and I’ve since rid myself of literally everything I don’t use semi-regularly. These days I live out of a suitcase smaller than most people take on a 4-day beach vacation and a small backpack for my laptop. Most of what I own is expensive, but it was purchased with the purpose of efficiency and utility, not for entertainment, status or whim.




Jun 10

Unveiling the Secrets About DMT, Ayahuasca and Psychedelic Medicines

Screen-Shot-2017-05-11-at-10.46.24-AM-1400x579The hype about Ayahuasca caught on quick with many people from around the world flocking to the Amazon seeking the amazing benefits of an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Yes, the trip you have leads to very interesting experience but there is more to it than a high full of exciting visions. This substance takes you to a completely different dimension and changes you on an energetic and spiritual level. While it can create a life changing experience, you may want to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into.

This is a powerful plant that must be understood on an energetic, chemical and spiritual level. The same goes for other psychedelic drugs. Regardless of what drug you take, it shifts the strength of the body’s aura. The changes that occur result in doorways — energy portals to a person’s energy or aura. By opening these doorways, the person in some way relinquishes control or power over themselves making it easier for them to come in contact with lower vibrational energies.

Lower energies or entities reside in lower vibrational realms. These entities are called demons and spirits, and they only have access to people who have opened themselves up to this kind of energy.

It is important that we explore the harmful effects of psychedelics and why they must not be used carelessly.

Hidden within this reality are a number of energetic beings that can range from benevolent to evil or ill-intentioned. Lower vibrational realms are where the negative/ill-intentioned entities reside, and the benevolent beings can only be found in high vibrational frequencies or consciousness. Dark entities are the lower dimensional beings and are unable to access the light or higher realms. You become accessible to these beings when you let go of your power, lessen your energetic protection, and allow lower vibrational people into your energy field.

Understand that the intention here is not to deter your from experiencing the benefits of Ayahuasca, DMT and other psychedelics, but we must take spiritual responsibility when engaging in such drugs.

Psychedelics are often called gateway drugs for a reason. These drugs make it easy for dark entities to enter the energy field. The increased use of drugs is one of the many reasons for a stronger presence of dark forces all around us. To make matters worse, these wicked forces have the ability to manipulate people into doing things such as consuming more drugs or even using stronger drugs. More powerful drugs being used by a spiritually weak person means more dark forces are able to come through.

There are magic and spiritual practitioners who believe Cannabis has been genetically changed by certain dark entities so that it is potent enough for people to attract these beings even faster. There couldn’t be a better tactic to control a large number of people into opening themselves up to lower realms than introducing more potent drugs that break down their guards and leave them completely open to attack.




Jun 10

This Is How Powerful The Mind-Body Connection Really Is

CHAKRAS-759x500The interaction of our thoughts with the physical material world is of huge interest today, garnering increasing attention by academics around the world. Despite a wealth of scientific data showing that one can influence the other, and even more evidence proving that certain emotional states can lead to chronic illness, many who work in mainstream medicine remain entirely ignorant of these concepts.

Perhaps this is why more and more people are gravitating towards alternative forms of medicine. As Garth Cook from Scientific American points out:

A growing body of scientific research suggests that our mind can play an important role in healing our body — or in staying healthy in the first place. . . There are now several lines of research suggesting that our mental perception of the world constantly informs and guides our immune system in a way that makes us better able to respond to future threats. That was a sort of ‘aha’ moment for me — where the idea of an entwined mind and body suddenly made more scientific sense than an ephemeral consciousness that’s somehow separated from our physical selves.

The Research/Placebo

When it comes to learning about the mind-body connection and its relationship to our health, it can be difficult to choose a starting place amongst the vast and growing body of research; one of the best places to start, however, is the placebo effect, which demonstrates that the mind can create physiological changes in the body. Neuroscientist Fabrizio Benedetti explains:

There isn’t just one placebo effect, but many. Placebo painkillers can trigger the release of natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins. Patients with Parkinson’s disease respond to placebos with a flood of dopamine. Fake oxygen, given to someone at altitude, has been shown to cut levels of neurotransmitters called prostaglandins (which dilate blood vessels, among other things, and are responsible for many of the symptoms of altitude sickness.

The placebo effect is so wondrous because it unlocks the power of the mind; the biological changes observed in the body after administration of a placebo are not triggered by the placebo itself, but rather by our mind, by our perception, by our psychological response to these fake treatments.

Despite intriguing results, research into the placebo effect has been limited. So far, only a few model systems have been investigated, like pain, depression, and Parkinson’s, but there is much more to be learned. One thing, however, does remain clear, and that is that we can change our biology simply by changing what we believe to be true. In his book The Biology of BeliefBruce Lipton, PhD, persuasively argues for further research into this untapped resource within ourselves:

The placebo effect should be the subject of major, funded research efforts. If medical researchers could figure out how to leverage the placebo effect, they would hand doctors an efficient, energy-based, side effect-free tool to treat disease. Energy healers say they already have such tools, but I am a scientist, and I believe the more we know about science of the placebo, the better we’ll be able to use it in a clinical setting.

Let’s take a look at a few more interesting studies that warrant further investigation into the matter. One great one is a Baylor School of Medicine study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2002. It looked at surgery for patients with severe and debilitating knee pain. Many surgeons know there is no placebo effect in surgery, or so most of them believe. The patients were divided into three groups. The surgeons shaved the damaged cartilage in the knee of one group. For the second group they flushed out the knee joint, removing all of the material believed to be causing inflammation. Both of these processes are the standard surgeries for people who have severely arthritic knees. The third group received a “fake” surgery; the patients were only sedated and tricked into believing they had had the knee surgery. Doctors simply made the incisions and splashed salt water on the knee as they would in normal surgery. They then sewed up the incisions like the real thing and the process was complete. All three then groups went through the same rehab process, with astonishing results: the placebo group improved just as much as the other two groups who had surgery.




Jun 10

Do not believe….

do-not-believe-in-anything-that-does-not-resonate-with-your-heartFar too many of us are just are letting our beliefs and values be determined by others.  Far too many of us are just going along with what we are told, following what our government, church, teachers, or idols have told us to believe, or do, or be, explicitly or implicitly.  Far too many of us are deferring to the opinions and ideas of the “AUTHORITIES” — and often they have hidden agendas that are not in our best interest.  This gives away our power and allows others to control us.

Mass beliefs in the power of outside authorities are firmly entrenched in your psyche …  raising many questions about the truth of who you are and why you place your trust outside yourself.

— Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment

To reclaim our power we need to start forming OUR OWN beliefs, trust our inner truth, and do what WE KNOW is right, not what others tell us, or society expects.  We need to engage our hearts and minds and stand firm in what we know is true and right.  If we don’t do this soon, we might soon find ourselves living in a very dystopian future!

Explore this topic more deeply in You Are a Sovereign Being – Start Acting Like It!




Jun 10

The Marcus Aurelius Guide to Stoic Journaling

marcus-aurelius--1400x600Do you ever contemplate the many facets of your existence? Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you probably do.

What about the characters in your life—do you feel as if you’ve chosen them? Do they add value to your life, and you to theirs? What kind of value? Are you conscious of how they might be influencing you?

Do you ever choose to write down the fruits of your contemplations? Do you ever harness the flow of your thoughts to a page with no particular end in mind?

That’s what Marcus Aurelius was doing around AD 170 – 175. What have come to be known as his Meditations began purely as personal, written explorations which were never intended for publication.

Posthumously, his notes were divided into twelve chapters—or “books”—each one of which offers us a plethora of timeless existential insights, maxims and, perhaps most importantly, questions that encourage the reader to reflect directly on his/her own life, as opposed to merely observing the philosopher’s viewpoint from a detached position.

Aurelius-WritingMarcus Aurelius most likely penned his journals, the Meditations, whilst on campaign in Europe c. AD 170-175.

For today, I’d like to focus on the first book, which is unlike the eleven that follow. In it, Aurelius pays eloquent homage to the honourable qualities of his nearest and dearest; an observation of his gratitude to those who had directed, influenced, and improved upon his life.

Aside from providing insight into what personal characteristics Aurelius himself deemed to be exemplary, this particular collection serves as inspiration for us to consider the admirable attributes inherent in those by whom we are most influenced. Note here, that we are not necessarily speaking exclusively of friends. Aurelius also wrote about family, teachers, colleagues, and gods.

Their common denominator was that they had a profoundly positive impact on Aurelius’ life, so much so that he saw it fit to detail in black and white exactly what he had recognised in them and how it had, in turn, encouraged him to behave.

15 Marks of Good Character (according to Marcus Aurelius)

I find the following selection of observances to be particularly inspiring when I see them through the lens of modernity:

Note: I have paraphrased the translation of Book 1 that I have in my possession, in order to compile a list of guidances as opposed to personal observations as originally chronicled by Aurelius. For example, a direct quote of #1 would read “To work with my own hands, and mind my own business.”

1. Work with your own hands, and mind your own business

2. Avoid empty enthusiasms

3. Always carry the same demeanor, unchanged in sudden pain

4. Combine intensity and relaxation

5. Avoid impatience in explanation

6. Tolerate the emptily opinionated

7. Praise without fanfare, and wear great learning lightly

8. Never say or write to anyone that you are “too busy”

9. Develop self-mastery, immunize yourself against passing whims

10. Be neither hurried nor hesitant

11. Become your own master in all things, and serene with it

12. Maintain foresight with respect to long-term issues, and cultivate unfussy control with respect to smaller details

13. Enjoy the comforts that life has afforded you with neither pride nor apology—no routine acceptance of their presence, or regret in their absence

14. Focus on what needs to be done, not the glory of its doing

15. Regulate abstinence and enjoyment

What strikes me as pertinent when reading the first book is how Aurelius humbly ascribes his accumulated wisdom to those with whom he shared his life. The chapter in its entirety is dense with astute observations that exhibit the Philosopher-Emperor’s acute attention to detail, not to mention a sincere interest in consistent self-development.




Jun 09

Awakening to Oneness

terreOp-ed by Dr. Ellis Evans, Natural Blaze

A common experience noted by many individuals who undergo a spiritual awakening is a knowing that we are All One and that everything is interdependent and interconnected into itself. This is sacred remembrance of who we are and where we came from. As the process of awakening begins, we experience Life as if on steroids and we are yanked firmly within the crosshairs of change.

As we journey through this ‘wilderness of cosmic wonders’, we begin to relax within it all and amazing life-events unfold. For the first time in an age, we let go and surrender into new arenas of thought, ideas and terrains of creativity.

This part of our journey changes everything and our Life is never the same again. It is not all sweetness and light either because lifelong friends evaporate into thin air and everything we thought we knew about anything comes up for resolution and healing.

Jobs, relationships and a lifetime of work disappear down the pan as we rebuild our lives, perhaps in another continent, with new partners and social groupings. Yet, as we settle down and simmer within a new vibration of energies, Life loses its edge of desperation as we simultaneously and consciously create our moment to moment reality. We ably and joyfully drive Life rather than being driven by it. For the first time we understand that Life itself is a contextual field of infinite possibilities in which we define ourselves according to our tastes and free will choices.

Every single individual on this planet will at some stage of their evolution go through this process. In fact, almost everyone on the planet today is going through this process whether they are aware of it or not. Awakening to Oneness is not simply for those into spiritual practice; these gifts of evolution are for everyone.

The real issue is: are we listening to our quiet inner voice or is it drowned out by the squeal and pressures of modern life? For those around forty years old, have we mistaken a Western diagnosis of ‘mid-life crisis’ with what is called a spiritual awakening in some Eastern cultures?

These issues are not simple and present themselves to us in myriad and wonderful ways.  At first glance though, there are several conundrums we need to understand as we consciously or sub-consciously awaken to Oneness.

Firstly, awakening to Oneness can be described simply as an awareness of consciousness or more precisely, an awareness of being aware. This is not a play on words and it describes our awareness of consciousness from four plateaus i.e. subconscious, conscious, super-conscious and supra-conscious.

We all understand the first two levels of awareness as ‘normal’ and we assign ‘genius’ to the third level and ‘Master’ or ‘Mother’ to the fourth level of awareness. The important point here is that ‘consciousness’ in all its forms is right here, right now. It can be accessed purely by a subtle shift in our awareness or indeed, a tweak in perspective. The words ‘Life’ and ‘consciousness’ in this context are interchangeable. Significantly, supra-consciousness is but a thought away!!

The second conundrum is this: how can we be part of the One yet totally different to each other spiritually? Our recent history is replete with savagery, war and conquest. At the same time as these events took place we also had shining examples of mastery by individuals such as Buddha, Jesus, Sri Sathya Sai Baba and many more. All the Masters had the same message of Oneness and sought to encourage us to open ourselves to the possibility that we can be more than them if we wanted to be. At the same time, they also taught us that no-one is more special than anyone else simply because we are all part of the One.

Awakening to Oneness is to simply remember that:

  • We are multi-dimensional beings, we are in this world yet not of it
  • We purposefully forgot who we were in order to experience Life as a journey of remembrance back to the One
  • We already are that which we seek to be, Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience
  • We consciously create our realities in every single moment
  • We are not defined by our body, job or social status
  • There is no such thing as death, only transformation; our Soul is forever more
  • Perceptions of Time and separation from the One are part of the constructs of this 3D world
  • We are ‘programmed’ to seek Ultimate Re-Union with the One and it is not simply a question of if but when!!

Simply put, we are splinters of Prime Consciousness having a 3D experience. We consciously wanted to experience that which we are not i.e. as being separate and sovereign from anything and any other body. This was made possible by slowing down our vibratory rate in order to live within a 3D world. In order to survive in this set of 3D vibratory constructs, we also forgot who we were and where we came from.




Jun 09

The Law of Attraction – The Invisible POWER of Thought (All Things Seen Are Effects of the Unseen)

Within the law of attraction is the invisible power of thought. All that we see around us is the result of thought; it is the origin of the visible Universe. It is the law of attraction that holds all matter together, therefore like attracts like. The power of thought is invisible and all things seen are the effect of the unseen. Thoughts are things and forces that have the power to create and attract. They manifest reality.

Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns. These principles are the secret formula to follow if you wish to align with your desires the way countless others have. You are a limitless creator. Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire!



Jun 08

“Not-Enoughitis” Why Do So Many Of Us Always Feel That There Is Something Missing?

hq720The current definition of success goes something like this: Hustle hard. Sacrifice. Reach for the top. Push harder. Don’t slow down. Keep your eye on the prize. Happiness is at the finish line.

The thing is, we know by now that even some the richest, most successful “hustlers” out there can end up depressed, burnt out, full of anxiety, with no time to enjoy their lives, and without the satisfaction they believed their success would bring. So what’s wrong with this picture? What is it that we are missing? Isn’t it time we redefine success?

We Have Forgotten Life’s Operating Manual

Feeling like we can never relax and enjoy our lives just yet doesn’t happen because we haven’t accomplished our goals. Feeling light, expansive, and playful isn’t supposed to be a distant childhood memory. When our lives start to feel heavy instead of light, and our being feels contracted rather than expansive, it isn’t because “that’s just how life is.” It is because in one way or another, we are living out of alignment with the fundamental principles of Life.

Life may not come with an operating manual on paper, but it absolutely exists. Just like a flower is imbedded with the intelligence and know-how to blossom in the right environment, we humans also hold the inner potential and knowing that would allow us to effortlessly grow and thrive in every aspect of our lives. We simply have forgotten it behind the pile of clutter, baggage, and limiting stories we choose to believe instead!

“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”

– Leo Tolstoy

The following video features Kosta Stoyanoff of Uplifted Life, who completely debunks the old story of success and replaces it with one that will resonate with the very core of your being. Are you ready to make the shift? Have you already?




Jun 08

We are the punchline to the entire cosmic joke—but, do you get the gag?

static1.squarespace.comby Brian Thompson

If you’re able to find the humour in life, then you’ll agree that as humans, we are in fact the punchline to the entire cosmic joke.

But, do you get the gag? Are you able to see the humour and laugh?

You pride yourself on your reason, intellect and logical thinking, but the more knowledge you acquire, the more you limit yourself behind a wall of conceptual delusions—one that is impossible to see through. Your so-called “knowledge” blinds you from seeing the truth of reality, despite it being the invisible essence that enables you to think, feel, see… and be.

And so, you keep looking for answers, for truth, for meaning, for purpose, and for happiness. But these can only be realized within you, as you.

You—as the nameless and formless, aware presence that you truly are—are the source and substance of all reality. You are that which you seek, and yet, you continue to look outside yourself to find yourself.

The more you search for answers, the more lost you become—and this is the cosmic joke.

With each new piece of knowledge you acquire, you believe you’re getting closer, but you’re actually getting further and further away.

Reality cannot be labelled or defined, but it certainly won’t stop you from trying.

The more closely you inspect something, the more questions you create. The more you analyze, quantify and qualify something, the more unknowable it becomes. And upon closer inspection, everything seems to just fall apart. This is true for physical matter (atoms and particles), and it’s also true for the mental matter of your emotions, your problems, and your sense of the world.

In a thing’s conceptual dissolution, its illusion is realized, revealing that all along you have been duped by a false appearance.

Relative knowledge is limitless, it has no end. It will forever change with its circumstance and environment, and as such, is not absolute. It is not real. It only creates new questions which spin the wheel of confusion even further, leaving you forever hungry, never quite fulfilled, and always searching for more.

There is only one truth, and it is the unchanging reality that all relative knowledge rests upon.

This truth, is our spontaneous and unidentifiable presence of knowing. There is nothing real beyond our awareness; everything that is perceived appears within it, as it.

If you investigate your own presence of consciousness you will reveal yourself to be the source and substance of all that is. This is your direct experience. Without you, nothing would be. You need not go any further than the end of your nose! The truth can only be found here and now, not back then or over there.

Reality cannot exist outside of you, because you are it. But, who is you? It is certainly not something to be gained through knowledge, it can only be realized through present-moment knowing. It is the ultimate realization of the intimate spontaneity of your aware presence—reality itself.

After all, how can we truly know something through words alone?

Language misses the mark completely. Sure, you might nod your heads and say you understand each other, yourself, and the world—but, do you? Your so-called knowledge overlooks so much, and yet you assume it speaks the truth.




Jun 08

Tom Campbell on Your Soul Purpose with Dr John Filo

Dr. John Filo interviews Tom Campbell, Physicist, consciousness researcher, author of the My Big TOE trilogy and international lecturer.



Jun 07

Life is the most difficult exam…




Jun 07

The Process, The Non-Duality Solution, Patience, Immortality and the Temporal Loop

The solution is about balancing or harmonizing the polarities not about eliminating one or focusing solely on the other. This is about balancing the in with the out, the left with the right, the higher and lower the to ensure continuity both in the longer-term and into multiple simultaneously present layers of depth of sense of self into the whole or the single moment. This is ironically more simple and comes more naturally than struggling which may be an indication of the necessity of external manipulation in order to suppress the inherent human desire to know and spiritually evolve. This is not to say that there is no inherent threat or capacity for failure but that this natural struggle has been exploited in nearly every possible way in this society. Yet, there must still be a potential to survive and reach spiritual completion which may indicate that there are overall guidelines or some kind of requirement to still achieve health and wholeness. This may also represent the necessity of free-will in this system which cannot be overtaken without resulting consequences by those who mistreat others on a large scale such as an entire species, entire soul-groups or the physical world.
As such, what may be occurring here, or is happening under the guise of this explanation, is that every possible resistance or threat to completion is being rendered in a single civilization. Every challenge that resulted in the downfall of every previous civilization here is being recreated in this society.

Either under the guise of producing growth, or the truth in this explanation is that if every possible threat or exploitation, from every angle or possibility is activated to suppress this species, that then the resulting civilization would be immune to every single physical and mental threat that could be manufactured or applied in any situation in this universe (or potentially more applicably this dimension). In this view, these threats are very much threats, but they may already have been a potential challenge to upcoming societies. Thus, those who survive these times would be considered accelerated by these threats to a level of self-awareness and consistent harmony that would render all possible threats to civilization, life, and society no longer capable of disrupting the balance. This would be the process which civilizations undergo to achieve wholeness and presence in the eternal plane.

When one learns patience, all problems are less effective and have a shorter duration.

If time is the fractal mind-virus, then patience is actually the cure.




Jun 07

The 3 Causes for Disease According to Shamans

How-To-Fix-The-Inner-TurmoilBy Gostica

Shamans are not sorcerers, they are real men and women that can get in the states of higher consciousness, and are able to perceive and communicate in ways not possible under normal conditions.

Through a challenging training, shamans are able to lead the high awareness during what were they separate the physical body and make journeys in their inner world not affected by the weather.

The shaman makes a very clear distinction between the medicine of the body and that of the spirit and sees them as complementary.

If a man comes home with an arrow in the foot, it is not the time to go into a trance. It is time to remove the arrow from the wound to stop the bleeding, prevent infection and promote healing.

It’s ‘time for the medicine of the body and shamanic communities know so many things on this subject too.

To cope with the disease, the traditional shaman shows a lot of attention to the relationship between cause and effect.

We know that during the life, the physical body, suffers several transformations.

The body gets sick from viruses, there are accidents, we have bruises, cuts, wounds and even broken bones sometimes.

Sometimes we suffer from serious injury or some serious internal diseases – cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, hepatitis – and, eventually, we get to aging, deformities and death of the physical body.

In the shamanic point of view these are just effects. For true healing, it is not enough to only treat the effects and suppress the symptoms with medication. We must address the root causes.

In terms of the shaman, there are three classic causes of the disease, which, not surprisingly, are not bacteria, microbes or viruses, but rather the internal states.

1. Disharmony

The first cause is the disharmony, which happens when men lose a relationship important for them in life, or when they are devoid of the sense of belonging.

For example disharmony occurs when, for an elderly couple suddenly one of them dies.

It often happens that in a year and a half, the other becomes ill with something as serious as cancer and dies.

The disharmony produces a decrease of the personal power which, in turn, makes us vulnerable to diseases

2. Fear

The second cause is fear. A person who has a chronic fear is off inside, is vulnerable to disease, because fear diminishes the operating ability of the immune system.

Doctors also know that fear and disharmony occur in diseases and are recognized by modern science.




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