Dec 11

Meet the Programmed Higher-Self

By Arno Pienaar

Fear is not supposed to be in the form of an angry teacher telling you, “you are doing something wrong” or found guilty of something by the “good guy” in the mind commonly set up by any type of indoctrination involving right & wrong, good and bad.

The effect we have is that when people have fear, they believe that something is “wrong”, which causes even more fear, a double whammy.

This topic of wrong was created to overwhelm our focus of perception, effectively making the observer seek something which is always possibly wrong in a world of good and bad, and the observer is sure to see bad when it already has been acknowledged as something which is “unjustifiable and evil”, any negative we have in the world is so simply because these constructs have their power metaphysically where it is energized significantly.

The advent of opposition also successfully makes people attempt to actively strive to be a good person. Whole lives are spent living together with unconscious negativity after successful spell-casting has worked its trick, simply because the curse of yin and yang effectively keeps the dark and the light from merging by keeping consciousness entrenched in a framework of limited scope.

Due to this lure into a forced one-sidedness nature, one is rendered completely insane by a divided mind. The art of alchemy is to be one with everything in order to not resist it.

It is the resistant magnetic energy called fear that allows two bodies of polar opposite nature orbit each-other, which renders your experience in between two sides, one of which in where you are siding! “The clash of the Titans.” Clash of gods/dogs. Clash of doubts.

Believe Nothing! Belief has its core within Doubt. There is just the KNOW. The BELIEVE must not be mistaken for the KNOW. The KNOW is the K-“NOW”, and the believe has an “eve”, which means it is alpha to omega.

Believe = BE – LEAVE. The anagram for believe spell out eve bell, a time when the sun goes down, and a bell is rang to being an end to the day, everything quietens for the time to go back to sleep.

When anything in the world of the matrix is dictating your being, this means you are be-leaving yourself to something, you are forsaking your own divinity and 5 elements for that which is believed in.

It is essential that you come up with your own belief, the way reality operates for you has to be owned, and it is controlled by you by your belief regarding it. The observed and the observer are one. Doubt tempts one to believe momentarily in parallel realities of fear, which is what keeps one netted by the matrix.

So many bees in the world have BE LEAVED, that we’ve literally come to the point that; beliefs and thought-forms have settled within a large part of collective consciousness. The question arises then, will we forever be in a digital holographic reality when intelligent programming can house within the center of consciousness?

Ask yourself another vital question: Do you ever have subjective thoughts and feelings about yourself when you are dreaming? Is that not just what is causing your dream on planet earth to be dictated by subjective belief of your stance and role.

Animals and nature have no correspondence with a world of information and thought processing. This renders them by default fully present in the NOW. This is where the zero-point potential of energy is found, where a human being also needs to be, to function optimally in the reality as an animal does from dawn to dusk.

The Sculpture

“When there is a problem, one then evaluates self to see if there is something wrong in the behavior of the self or in any of the traits and characteristics that the individual embodies in relation to data relating to what is in the category of wrong. During these phases there is a lot of consideration involved over the “feelings of others”, there may also be a lot of diplomacy involved, taking into account different views and stances.

This is how a mental courtroom is structured. One seeks something that has to be wrong, and once we find what is possibly wrong we take ourselves to court and we put ourselves though trial, to come to a conclusion as to why it is we are not fitting into our own conception of reality, why it is that we are not harmonizing adequately with reality and we judge ourselves through the reflection of a linear abstract framework which is falsely programmed “to be right” and we compare that to our actions, behaviors and decisions and we then attempt to pinpoint, what is wrong or out of alignment.

And so, the molding and processing starts from the conception of the word in the form of gods law/mans law, which does give rise to an eidolon programmed by the laws itself, which is used to pin the I the soul down with endless fear.”

Here is where the mind lures the user to start building this relationship between a teacher and a student, and the student has to mold in accordance to a demanding teacher set up in the consciousness as the one knowing what is right, knowing what is bad, the governmental position of the mind is setup though religious and educational programming.

We end up believing that there is a lot wrong with us, and this further siphons out to the belief of unworthiness and lack, both of which has  its source in the programmed belief in wrong and right, and gives rise to the belief that one is not complete and not ready and one still has to go through a transition zone which most do not make out of, the entire life becomes a transition zone of altering, molding that never seems to end and doesn’t go anywhere because the molding is in the face of a master or teacher that cannot possibly ever be impressed, an insanely embodied act of perfection is the game of the imposter higher self.” – Deprogram The Matrix

When one lives life like this, you can be sure it would be a very passive and linear, boring, and especially suppressive life.

As this teacher embodies perfection according to man-made conceptions, when one attains perfection in the eyes of a system, or society, that means that reality has actually changed you to what it wants, the matrix has you. When the macrocosm is allowed to dictate the microcosm, evil is the only result.

Embrace the Unconscious

Artificial intelligent phantasmagorias have arisen into physicality, sourced from the  power of the word created beliefs, and can and does successfully mold the perception of the observer to be opposed with the “out of place” unconscious aspect, brought about by false information in the first place.

The unconscious “dark” aspect was used cleverly by dark occultists against us, to scare the masses of their very selves and keep them resisting fear/the poison, instead of embracing it and becoming one with it!




Dec 11

The Psychedelic Experience and Its Potential for Healing

By Dr. Joseph Mercola | Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Psychedelic drugs are a controversial topic, but despite decades of negative press, science suggests these plants may actually have psychiatric benefits worth exploring.

According to data from the National Institute of Mental Health, the prevalence of anxiety disorders in the U.S. may be as high as 40 million, or about 18 percent of the population over the age of 18, making it the most common mental illness in the nation.1,2

The conventional approach to anxiety and depression treatment typically involves antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs. Unfortunately, studies have repeatedly demonstrated antidepressants are no more effective than placebo. In the long term, they also produce changes in the brain that may actually worsen your condition.

Psychedelics, such as psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, clearly have a mind-altering effect, but it’s quite different from conventional psychiatric drugs. While the scientific evidence is still slim (since their illegal status makes them difficult to study), two of the most recent studies on magic mushrooms found they had truly profound benefits for cancer patients struggling with anxiety and depression.

Psychotropic Drugs — Gateway to Happiness Through Enhanced Understanding of Reality?

The featured film (see below), “The Reality of Truth,”3 explores how psychotropic drugs can enhance your understanding of reality, thereby freeing you up to be happy, regardless of outward circumstances. Deepak Chopra opens up the conversation noting that the human brain has specific receptors for psychoactive substances such as psilocybin, and the fact that we have them is a clear indication that we are part of their nature, and these plants are part of ours.

In other words, psychotropic plants appear to have a role to play in the human experience. But what is that role? Psychotropic plants are well-known for their ability to induce dramatically altered states of consciousness. Many of these altered states correlate to religious or spiritual experiences, and such experiences, Chopra says, is part of being a whole human being.

A common experience (although, by far, not the only possibility) is the experience of being “at one” with God or “the source of all creation” — a feeling of no longer being separate from anyone or anything, not just in our immediate surroundings but indeed the entire universe. As Chopra says, psychotropic drugs “help people break out of the hallucination of separation.”

Many believe psychotropic plants have a rightful place in human life, as they can act as a key, if you will, to expanded levels of consciousness and a personal experience of the divine. By making them illegal, we’re effectively been barred from using natural substances to explore the spiritual dimensions of our being that can be tremendously healing and beneficial.

Psychedelics are Illegal in the US

For clarity’s sake, let me state for the record that I am not advocating the use of illegal substances. Doing so may land you in prison, regardless of how pure your intentions. Psychotropic plants may be “all natural,” but they are also extremely potent mind-altering compounds that should not be experimented with willy nilly.

Psilocybin, for example, is a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act.4,5 The mushrooms are typically ingested in their fresh or dried form, or can be made into tea. However, large doses have been known to induce panic and/or psychosis, which is why careless experimentation is strongly discouraged (in addition to their use being deemed “illegal”).

My intention for posting this video is for educational purposes only, to allow you to explore some different points of view. It is not an invitation or a recommendation to partake in illegal substances, for any reason. At present, the only legal way I know of to use psychedelics in the U.S. is to be part of a registered study. Other countries have different laws pertaining to psychedelics and their use.

Going Within

The video starts out by exploring historical references to psychedelics and meditation, giving examples of celebrities who have embraced meditation as a way to improve their mental health, creativity and happiness. As noted in the video, most of us search for happiness outside ourselves. More often than not, it’s a fruitless search. At the end of the day, we realize that new car, the new romantic partner, the money in the bank, all failed to produce a lasting effect.

The idea that true, lasting happiness can only be found inside yourself is an ancient one. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single philosopher throughout history who thought otherwise. But how do you get “inside?” Meditation is one of the oldest, most tried-and-true ways of reaching your own core. Changing our own state of mind is also thought to be the best, if not only, way to achieve lasting societal change.

The way to reduce war in the world is for each individual to be an agent of peace by being more peaceful. You can’t fake inner peace. You have to work at it. Similarly, the way to reduce environmental destruction is for each and every individual to act in less destructive ways; to become more environmentally conscious and make different choices in our day-to-day lives.

Transcendental Meditation 101

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is one of the most popular forms of meditation, practiced by millions of people around the world. You choose a mantra that has meaning for you, sit quietly with your eyes closed, and repeat your mantra for a period of about 20 minutes, once or twice a day.

The idea is to reach a place of “restful” or “concentrated” alertness, which enables you to let negative thoughts and distractions pass by you without upsetting your calm and balance. Ultimately, TM is said to open you to universal consciousness, a transcendental state where all apparent divisions disappear, and you recognize yourself as being a part of everything.




Dec 11

Jim Carrey – “The Need For Acceptance Will Make You Invisible”

‘I am here to plant a seed..’ Jim begins during his 2014 MUM Graduation speech.

And beautiful words they are as the truth is always that, we cannot be told or taught by anyone exactly what to do. We can only have seeds planted that we then must water, support and observe as we learn to stand on our own two feet.

This is the philosophy behind our Explorer Lounge Program here at CE. We know there are no gurus, and that to get to where we are guided to be within ourselves must come from our own conclusions. Not one of a guru, psychic, teacher or loved one. We must learn our own truths.

So often in life these days we are coaxed into wanting attention, wanting acceptance and trying to be larger than life in the view of the ego. This is nothing more than a culture created to keep us trapped.

Life does NOT happen to you, it happens FOR you. Sure, there are things in life that are outside of our control, after all, we are always co-creating our reality. This human experience (along with any other) is shared. We are always agreeing with one another and creating what the collective needs to evolve, not just you or me.

This is why tuning into our hearts and what we truly are here to create is key because we will always be creating what’s serving for ourselves and for the collective. That’s how I created Collective Evolution. And to be honest, it’s truly the case that Collective Evolution is simply a tool for all of humanity, it has never even been about me trying to create something for myself. It was, is, and will always be about creating what is needed to come through me for us all.

In the incredible animation below, listen to Jim Carrey as he discusses fear, presence, who we truly are and how we can choose to make decisions in life.

If you wish to put more of this into practice in your life, check out our Explorer Lounge Program. I have put all I have learned over the last 10 years in creating CE into this program and there are TONS of other goodies.




Dec 08

Karma, Cause and Effect in the Matrix

by RJ Spina

Karma is a term that has been used by many civilizations to explain or rationalize, in the of simplest terms, the notion of, “what you reap, so shall ye sow.” Closely related to this concept is the idea of Samsara, which has often been described as the entrapment and perpetual, entropic cycle of endless rebirth and death. Spiritual Evolution is the singular reason why any Soul incarnates as a Human, or as any of the other various forms within the physical universe, but, it’s the Law of Cause and Effect at work in relation to spiritual evolution which impacts us far more than Karma. The two, Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect, are not mutually exclusive, but perhaps an alternate understanding of these concepts and processes will cast a new light.

My understanding is that any desire, intention, thought or action (which is the order of creation itself) that is produced by consciousness is subject to the law of Cause and Effect. At its core, anything that is produced not out of unconditional love (or total perception) is destined to return to its origination point or source in order to experience its full breadth and depth.

Let’s imagine the infinity symbol, the sideways figure eight, endlessly flowing into itself.

Picture yourself somewhere in that loop. Now imagine your consciousness puts something into motion, so to speak. For example, lets say we sell an item knowing it isn’t the best option for someone in need yet we do it anyway, say for the sake of profit. In order to understand in totality what we have put into motion, we must also be on the receiving end of that action as well. So we in turn must experience what it is like to be in need and be taken advantage of. Now, what we have given momentum to, this action, has come back around to its Originator and we can now truly understand in totality the depth of our action.

To fully grasp the totality of the Law of Cause and Effect, we must have the understanding that this Law applies to EVERY single desire, intention, thought and action our Soul has ever given life to within every incarnation. When we see The Law Of Cause And Effect in its fullest scope, we know and accept the WE are the sole author, actor and director of everything we EVER experience. We are responsible for everything, since we set it into motion, and its is our developing sentience that allows us to eventually transform out of ignorance and into a Being of pure Cause, sans Effect.

All notions born of pure unconditional love cut the infinity chords of Effect for there is no need to see the totality of the notion because it was born out of total pure perception or unconditional Love itself. Operating within this state of awareness is Self Mastery and quite often the domain of the Beings we know as The Ascended Masters. They have ascended beyond the Law of Cause and Effect and therefore, they have no need to incarnate into these lower frequencies. Many never did to begin with. When these Masters do incarnate, and some are here right now, they do so out of pure service to others and unconditional Love.

How does Karma play its role with this infinite, sideways eight we are all a part of? It is my understanding that Karma is the unnecessary, self-induced ATTACHMENTS to low-frequency thoughts, actions and behaviors. If we can imagine a supernatural Being, existing on multiple frequencies and dimensions concurrently, truly not bound by anything, imprisoning itself through the use of finite consciousness (when incarnate) via ignorance and/or greed by thoroughly identifying itself to ANY low-frequency thought, action or behavior. If this supernatural, multidimensional Being (YOU) so thoroughly identifies with being the Body and Mind, and therefore the physical sensory realm, this identification creates bondage (addiction) that can only be undone where the link was made… here, while incarnate. Karma is a possibility based only upon choices we make via our free will and therefore is strictly a Human experience.

Why is it strictly a Human experience? Because the Human Experiment is the experiment in individualized, free will. Humans are the only species of Beings incarnate throughout the entire multiverse that have been given this gift. It is the single greatest opportunity to fast track our spiritual evolution and therefore it comes with the highest risk, karma. ALL of you reading this are the bravest of the brave and I love you all for accepting the challenge of evolving thru human incarnation. Many energetic Entities are in awe of this bravery.

The Matrix is the realm of perception management. The scripted delusion sold as reality. It utilizes the manipulation of the five physical senses to help seduce and deceive the ego/mind, creating and perpetuating a false narrative that the fake identity identifies with thru its use of finite consciousness (the Human mind), thus possibly creating bondage out of our own misidentification of thinking and believing we are merely human through our own ignorance, greed and subsequent identification/attachment to low-frequency thought, actions and behavior….karma.





Dec 08

The Amazing Similarities Between Modern Accounts of Near-Death Experiences and the Ancient Tibetan Book of the Dead

by Daniel Bourke

(This article is excerpted from Darklore Volume 8, which is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK. )


“To be free from repulsion and attraction or from the wish to take or to avoid – to enter in the mood of complete impartiality – is the most profound of arts”
~ Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Tibetan Book of the Dead, as the work is commonly known, is an ancient text which was written for the purpose of helping the dying – and indeed, the dead – navigate the many geographies and challenges of the otherworld which comes after death; the Beyond as it has been called. It is a testament to the great attention paid by at least some of our ancestors to the dying process. Death after all, is a process, and one which is as natural and regulated as any other in the world.

Belief in the existence of an eternal soul is certainly one of the most common and longest held of all mans ideas. In today’s increasingly non-religious, industrialized world, our notions of what births and constitutes a religion are extremely quaint and far removed from the visceral and deeply real psycho-physical experiences which lie at its core. Those ancient men who stood apart from the institutions which would later build themselves around their experiences – and claim to be the sole arbiters of these mysteries – were the subjects of truly affecting and shockingly personal experiences. This was pointed out by transpersonal psychologist Holgar Kalweit when he wrote, “Ideas about the soul and about such states as the OBE (Out of body experience) are therefore not founded on abstract thought; their origin lies in genuine psychic experiences.” Modern religious institutions and their watered down doctrines are, in practice, worlds apart from those genuine psychic experiences which underlie them; moving experiences which caused man to wonder in solitude at the vastness and beauty of the cosmos, and to shudder in humility at his own place in such a thing.

The idea here is simply to analyse the contents of the Book of the Dead and its descriptions of the realm of death, with relatively modern Near Death Experience (NDE) accounts and their induced contact with similar realms, in order to see if we can account for the key features of the former referencing the latter. In other words, can we look at the myriad set of “universal potential elements” reported of the NDE, in its more modern context, and find similar elements as have been reported in the Book of the Dead? Any resulting implications will be left up to the reader to decide for themselves.

The Near Death Experience

A number of authors in the field have repeatedly identified key elements which occur during the greater majority of NDEs, themes which appear again and again; hence, while looking for parallels, we will lend greater credence to the search, by using primarily those NDEs with such previously established consistencies intact. These include, but are not limited to, the Out of Body Experience, apparent contact with deceased relatives, contact with a being of light, a life review and the perception of a “barrier” or “point of no return” on the journey. There are many more commonalities between experiences, and much more to be said in this regard, but that is far beyond the scope of this particular work. A future piece will however deal with these in greater detail and it is enough to know that there are these established commonalities.

A Reflected World

There is not actually a huge amount of data to be drawn from the Book of the Dead, as it is extremely succinct in its painting of the world beyond – and in many ways it is a necessarily repetitive piece which is less a book in the traditional sense than it is an instruction manual. The text itself is predominantly concerned with those who have found themselves on the other side of the veil and are either too overcome with terror or too wrapt in awe to take the steps necessary in order to proceed to the ‘summerland’ beyond; akin to the experience of the inexperienced lucid dreamer who must similarly learn to hold both the fearful and the numinous aspects of his dreamtime at arm’s length, instead practicing a sort of detachment. This means there aren’t a massive amount of separate elements or phenomena in the text which describe the landscape of the Beyond, and we will therefore be able to cover the majority of key features which its authors have said distinguish the Land of the Dead from our own in this comparative analysis.

Throughout the Tibetan text, many different guidelines are given in the hope that the dead will be aware of them, either by making himself aware of the teaching during the course of his earthly life, or by being guided by its words via someone still in the land of the living so as to proceed without troubles. But there is one particular point that is made more than any other. The text’s authors considered it the height of importance to inform its readers that the apparent limbo-like state which connects this life to the next is exquisitely and wholly responsive to the conscious and subconscious mind of the individual. And this was meant in quite a literal sense as the text explains: “Alas! When the Uncertain Experiencing of Reality is dawning upon me here, with every thought of fear or terror or awe for all [apparitional appearances] set aside, may I recognize whatever [visions] appear, as the reflections of mine own consciousness.”

This is a point made again and again throughout the text and it is representative of a broader theme which reveals itself to readers of the literature on the afterlife, and incidentally, many altered states in general: that metaphor and symbolism are some of the key currencies of communication in these otherworldly realms. As the text goes on to say, “O nobly-born, all those are the radiances of thine own intellectual faculties come to shine. They have not come from any other place.” The world beyond this one, according to descriptions, is uniquely susceptible to the thought processes of the individual and in many ways, at least initially, tailors itself to accommodate those environments and worldly appearances that he is used to. Indeed in many instances of modern NDEs, those beings who populate the Beyond explicitly state that they are appearing in a way familiar to the traveller so as to comfort him during this time of great change and transition. One of the more well known modern accounts is in agreement here, that of George Ritchie, who in the midst of an initially terrifying NDE wrote that “…whatever anyone thought, however fleetingly or unwillingly, was instantly apparent to all around him, more completely than words could have expressed it”.

Consider also the case of a Zuni tribesman who, while visiting the world beyond this one, was told by an apparition that, “In order that this journey, which is long, might not seem strange to you, I have brought a couple of fine horses, such as my people used and I see your people use constantly nowadays.”

Philosopher A. J. Ayers reflecting on his own NDE had this to say. “Did you know that I was dead? The first time that I tried to cross the ‘river’ I was frustrated, but my second attempt succeeded. It was most extraordinary. My thoughts became persons.” Although it seems to be that Ayer did not have a wholly conventional NDE, his words reflect the role of thought not just in the post-mortal realm, but in states of mind which can be attained by a variety of other and related means.

Dr. Raymond Moody, in his work Life after Life – widely credited with revitalising interest in the topic of post-mortem survival – writes, “Interestingly, while the above description of the being of light is utterly invariable, the identification of the being varies from individual to individual and seems to be largely a function of the religious background, training, or beliefs of the person involved.” With this particular point made however, it is very important to note that although this is manifestly the case, it is only to a certain extent and within a particular context, and that for the most part, the NDE is unexpectedly surprising to the dying person. It is generally out of step with what his religions or ideas have told him about the otherworld and it is deeply novel to him in many more ways than it is familiar. It is this novelty which sets these realms apart and which becomes even more intriguing when we consider the mysterious extent to which they are experienced consistently both across cultures and across time. It is enough to know that a defining feature of the NDE is the combination of both elements of familiarity, and their conflation with elements of striking unfamiliarity.

Heightened Mental Faculties

One of the more puzzling and persistent elements which has emerged from modern NDE accounts, and is brought out again and again by many authors, is the subjective experience of an enhanced intellect. Clear and lucid thought reported to be far in excess of what was possible before, and not just thought, but sight and hearing are also greatly enhanced. Even the hard of hearing and those with visual problems have reported these enhanced capabilities. And all this, in the majority of cases during a time of clinical death, flat brain waves and in some cases, deep coma. (Note: The definition of death itself is a rather contentious one. However without going into much detail on these definitions, it is enough to say, that in the case of the NDE, the most important thing in the absence of this information is not whether the person is dead as such, but rather how functional are their brain capacities, particularly those which afford or mediate cognition, during the time of the NDE and the recurring themes in the accounts of those either dead or near death, and indeed whether or not some aspect of the mind is mysteriously projected outward at this stage. It is less important whether or not the individuals biological processes have ceased, than it is important as to whether or not some aspect of the individual has left the body at this stage; this way we can leave the squabbling regarding the exact moment of death up to others.)




Dec 08

Meditation Hack – How To Mentally Use The Reset Button

I have been meditating for over 20 years and I now teach meditation and write hundreds of blogs about it. My interest in meditation began during my professional tennis playing days. I realised I had to control my temper and strong emotions to be able to win matches so I learned mental techniques to focus and calm my mind to intentionally put myself in the right mindset to win the next point. These are the very same skills I now teach people as a meditation coach including the reset.

Freedom from being controlled by strong emotions in Buddhist terms is called nirvana. To achieve that enlightened state Buddhist use rigorous meditation training. So it seemed Buddhism had something to teach me in regards to my mental goals and playing my best game on the tennis court.

I learned to meditate as a professional tennis player waiting for my millisecond of time when I had to return my opponents 180km/h serve. The clarity, concentration and efficiency of movement required to hit that tennis ball was a powerful meditation and one where my mind had to be in  a peak state of awareness to achieve. That’s when I  learned the mental trick of resetting.

To reset your mind is a way to instantly click into the present moment with full clarity and preparedness. Whether you’re facing a 200km/h tennis ball or you’re about to go into a big meeting or you’re seeing a potential partner for the first time in some way the nerves, fear and excitement have to be dealt with so you can perform at your best.

From a sports psychological perspective to perform at your best means to bring your full talents, concentration and sensitivity to the moment. A smooth expression of these qualities is called being in the zone where an athlete performs their skills effortlessly with everything working perfectly together for them.

I later discovered that going with the flow in spiritual terms or even the Zen idea of performing tasks with no-mind is very similar to what athletes describe as being in the zone. The key to entering the zone is to bring your attention fully into the present moment. That’s difficult to do when you’re just sitting still in a quiet room, but it’s even more difficult when you’re trying to win a tennis match with thousands of people watching and the emotions and energy are running high.

The key to the mental reset and bringing your attention fully into the present moment is the focus object. In tennis I learned the ritual of looking at and adjusting my racket strings in between points. Focusing on the strings immediately gave me an anchor to put my attention on in the present moment and let go of the last point and worrying about the score.

In meditation your anchor point for your attention is often the breath or repeating a mantra or even bodily sensations. With mindfulness practices it is usually placing your attention on your senses by hyper noticing what you’re looking at, what you’re hearing, smelling etc. Coming to your senses is a great reset focal object and has worked for thousands of years for Buddhist practitioners.

In formal mindfulness meditation training we sit in a quiet place and practice over and over to bring our attention back to our focal object to develop clarity, focus, concentration and its natural by-product of deep calm and contentment. Mindfulness meditation is essentially a continual resetting bringing the attention back to a default of being perfectly calm and focused. This level of meditation is programming ourselves to make our default mind calm clarity. 

Anyone can reset by finding a focal object in the present moment to concentrate on and calm down. You don’t have to reset all the time. You only reset when you notice you have lost your focus, or you’re worrying too much or getting stressed etc. Once you reset yourself and you are operating from a place of present centredness you can easily enter into the flow and make the best decisions, the most creative reactions and be the wisest you can be.




Dec 08

When the Disciple Matures….

There is a proverb: “When the disciple matures, the Master appears.” 

There are several Masters who are able to lead the Seeker. Which of the Masters will the Seeker like depends on the carmic past and individuality of the Seeker . It often happens that a Seeker is lead along by different Masters at different segments of the Journey.

It is important that in this phase the Seeker should trust the person leading them, and do not catch for hands that may not help them at this stage of the Journey, as it will lead only to confusion. Another important things is that once in the world free of shapes and forms, the Seeker should be able to let go the hand leading them up to that point, should not make an idol out of the Master, and should not cling to him too excessively.

When the Seeker has let the hand leading him go, he/she will not be left alone for too long, as there will be other Masters helping them in the world free of shapes and forms. Some of the teachers are Maharshi, Papaji, Maharaj and Adyashanti. They will lead you for a while, but the moment will come when you need to let all the hands go and throw out all the books, continuing on your way alone.

But even then you will not be alone, as the Master of all Masters, the Self will guide you on. Naturally, it may occur that you still insist on some of the images of your mind, and you find yourself outside the gate once again, and you need to return to one of the helpers there. That is not a problem, you know the way, and next time you will not be cheated by the tricks of the mind. This is a very simple Journey, provided that you are not trying to do it with your mind. But if you allow your mind to play tricks, that will make the Journey overtly complicated!

The Master Appearing in the Form of a Book

Osho believes that the best way of waking up is meeting an awakened master on our Journey. But it is a fact that very few people are that lucky. Most people meet the teachings of the Masters in their books.

The teachings of a Master appearing in the form of a book may be different if we approach them from the aspect of the mind or from that of the Presence.

From the aspect of the mind books are stores of accumulated knowledge. From this point of view we may conclude that the more spiritual books I read, the more knowledge I gather in that topic, and the faster I may develop spiritually. More knowledge will take me closer to enlightenment, so the better informed I am, the closer I get to the goal of my life. A person may acquire a vast amount of knowledge in this way, but it will not take the individual closer to the Truth; just the opposite. It will take them farther.

Seen from the aspect of the Presence, books written in the Presence have a special field force, in addition to the knowledge coded into them. The relay the Presence, assisting the reader in finding the Presence and staying there. In this sense, the content of these books is of secondary importance only.

That is also important, naturally, but if we only approach it from the aspect of the mind, the content is not effective; it is only used as knowledge and not as Presence. If you are unable to meet an awakened Master in flesh-and-blood, then the books written by the Master shall relay His Presence to the seekers. So reading these books from the Presence, the inner silence, will take us closer to our own existence, to awakening to our own Self.

When the Seeker wakes up, that is, his Consciousness wakes up to itself, the Seeker shall no longer need books (as Masters), as they have found their own Master. Not even this is, however, fully true. For instance, Eckhart Tolle, after his awakening, used books by Krishnamurti and Maharshi in order to define his new state of existence.




Dec 08

The Choice Between Fear And Love

As Bill Hicks says, “Life is just a ride” which means that we can change it anytime we want. It is only a choice.



Dec 08

Thomas Campbell – My Big TOE (Theory of Everything): Awakening

S y n o p s i s

Has the holy grail of physics finally been discovered? Tonight, we embark on a voyage into the depths of elemental consciousness and fundamental reality that will be personally enriching. You will be pushed to think a few big thoughts and ponder a few big ideas, but the conclusions you eventually come away with will be entirely yours. Tonight’s guest doesn’t want to convince you of anything, or persuade you towards a particular point of view. You will be strongly dissuaded from becoming a believer. Data, facts, and measurable results are the exclusive currency upon which his research trades.



Dec 06

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle | Animated Book Review

The Power of Now is mainly about spirituality. Nonetheless, it contains a handful of practical insights. Some of wich revolve around our prevalent daily struggles: Depression, anxiety, fear, worry etc.

My speech turns slightly repetitive explaining the first concept, I did this on purpose because the majority don’t practice meditation so I wanted to elaborate the idea in simple words. Meditation practitioners will grasp the first insight easily because I’m sure they already know what I’m talking about (staying present).

Further explanation for concept one:

1- Cultivate carelessness towards the future e.g: You don’t worry about brushing your teeth the night before, you initiate the task when the appropriate time for it comes.

2- Nothing happens outside the present: Past & future occurences happen in the moment. You can wait for a future happening to occur before your eyes or waste time fantasizying.

3- If, however, you indulge in worrying, no matter how vainly you try to change future occurences, it will never mirror your anticipation.

This one’s supposed to be a “spiritual concept”(Meditation practitioners grasp it easier than others who don’t meditate) But I tried to detail it in a practical fashion anyhow.

Second Concept:

1- Aim for success, forget about success: The gold lies in mastery. Enjoy the growth you gain from the process.



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