Getting out of the Matrix life

by Alden Tan

imagesYo wassup guys,

Today I want to write about something that is very important. It’s about the big Matrix, that is life.

When you hear about the Matrix, everyone’s like, “Oh that movie starring Keanu Reeves”.

Or to go a little deeper, the Matrix is the stimulated reality that humans are in. The Matrix hides the truth from humanity, allowing them to live a convincing, simulated life while machines grow and harvest people to use as an ongoing energy source.

Read that shit again:

 “hides the truth from humanity, allowing them to live a convincing, simulated life”

Does that sound real or can you relate to that sentence in anyway? If you can’t, then yo, you probably ARE in the Matrix.

If you are thinking like,” Hey this is cheesy, why is this douchebag suddenly talk about a movie?”. I understand.

The term Matrix came up to me when I was talking to a friend about life and shit. Not that we were being a couple of philosophical pricks, but we exchanged views and ideas on believing in yourself and doing what you love. I was basically talking about naysayers and that no one is there to encourage you, and he said it’s because they are caught in the Matrix.

Boom. Perfectly captured.

I am talking about the Matrix because the Matrix is very existent in our lives and many people are caught in it. Like the movie, people are not aware of it, or rather, they are more or less aware of it, but they actually think it’s okay to be caught in the Matrix in its whole and not do a damn thing about it.


Steve says:

In order to “get out of the matrix” you have to understand how you were trapped in the first place. When you fully comprehend how this was done, and that it was done in complete malevolence and fraud, and then understand that the fraud revealed nullifies all contracts based upon that fraud and you see how you are now free in your mind…. then you can choose how to proceed. Until that realization – you are still a slave, no matter how you complain – you are in contract with the whore of Babylon.

Set yourself free – understand that Babylon is Fallen. Go to or search google for “The Legal Name Fraud”.


What is Reality and What is It Made of?

indexBy Dejan Davchevski 

Digging deeper into the understanding of reality we come to a conclusion that Reality is not exactly what we have always thought! What is reality? A question that troubled and still trouble many of the greatest minds.

Almost everything is created by a combination of 2 elementary particles, Bosons and Fermions. Matter is created by Fermions, and Bosons are the ones that hold matter together, like a glue. Despite these 2 elementary particles, matter is also created by waves and elements like Photons, which light is created from, that are both waves and particles.

So we come to the realization that matter is created by a combination of waves and particles. The other part of everything is created by some invisible force we call Energy. So everything is a combination of Matter and Energy.

The Energy is usually invisible and it is as important as Matter. It may come from a physical or chemical reaction, from thought, from ritual, belief.. it’s immortal and timeless which means that exists both only in a moment and through eternity. But, what is Energy exactly?




The light at the end of the tunnel…



Dropping Out Of The Matrix, Tuning In To Yourself

relax1aTo be original in the face of clones is the challenge!

To be free, totally free.

To be who you really are, that is where it IS at. Standing up as you are. To stand glorious unmasked, in front of the Creator, which is you.

This is the beauty and the miracle. To know that there is nowhere to go as Heaven IS inside of you. You are the infinite and boundless wave that is always talked about. You are right now here in the place of your Enlightenment and Godliness. You stand tall among the trees, touching the stars, you have taken up your place, here on Earth.

To love, simply to love. You are connected to every single thing here on Earth. This is the mother ship, where all the magic happens. There is no where to go, no place to run to, no goals, no success no failure. You are already home. It is that crazy left sided brain that fuzzes out the Divine sound. You gotta disconnect from the world side, you gotta daydream, close your eyes and let go. That is where you need to be and doing just that.

You need to allow the space for the goddess energy to come through.

By staying all day fixated to a computer, Facebook or TV draws you away from who you really are and it leads you quickly to the path of frustration. How can divine energy come through, when you are so busy making judgements, analysis and filling your subconscious mind full with fear?

Fear of the mainstream media, their lies and deceits.. You look outside yourself, when really you should be the Star of your show.



Be Your Own Success Story

Joe Rogan talks about creating your own success story through being driven and what it takes to do that.





What Will Happen Once All The Healers Are Healed


What will happen to the healers once everyone is healed?

In a time of great planetary transformation, great upheaval, great healing and ‘up-leveling’ we see more healers rising from their own ancestral memories, own archaic soul memories as healers. I am seeing more and more healing modalities pouring through humanity all the time. We are being given modalities for healing our DNA for integrating our higher expressions of self into the earth body, for healing past emotional trauma, healing and releasing past life trauma and karma, we are undergoing spiritual surgery, template level re-organization, we are witnessing the up-rising of the feminine, the healing of the collective feminine, and the shifting of culture.

If you are alive today, take heart. You are a warrior of the soul. You incarnated into this physical vehicle you call a body because you knew the beautiful thrill of this 4th dimensional existence and your soul knew and wanted a front seat for the amazing healing and transformation we are now beholding.

In the past, the village had one healer, or a few. And they would never call themselves the healer, they would never call themselves the shaman- only would they be called such a name by their community. But the time has call to call yourself. The time has come to claim your true identity, to name yourself. Yes, I am the healer. Yes, I am the shaman of my soul, ushering myself between dimensions, reclaiming the lost fragments of who I really am, altering my own state like a finely crafted dial on a beautiful physical mechanism holding my most precious of spirit. Take heart warrior spirit, you are the healer. You are every bit the healer.



A Revolution in Human Consciousness

blackholeby Kingsley L. Dennis

Recent decades have seen a great rise in ecological awareness and the perspective of living systems. Many of us are now relating on a personal and conscious level to the interconnectedness and interaction between humans, nature, and environment. However, this new paradigm of thought should not be restricted only to a material level of connectivity but also needs to embrace the nonmaterial levels of the human psyche and consciousness. The world of the inner self is increasingly opening up and being explored through transpersonal sciences, self-realization, and individual self-actualization. Through our various cultures we are developing the language, the skills, and the perceptions to sense and articulate our personal, revelatory experiences. The once shamanic realm of extra-sensory contact is becoming more normalized as we deal with a physical reality more accustomed to shifting perceptual paradigms. For example, our new scientific discoveries are explaining and validating nonlocal realities of connection and energetic entanglement. We are now learning that extended fields of conscious information and communication exist between individuals and groups as a medium of coherence that may further entangle humanity into a collective ‘grand family’.

From infancy, to adolescence, and to adulthood, the distinction between inside and outside, objective and subjective, has always been a transient, undefined boundary. Our cultural parameters – our social conditioning – has sought to crystallize these fluctuating borders. However, today there are increasing numbers of people who are beginning to perceive the presence of subtle energy fields, whether around their bodies, around the bodies of others, or in the environment. The interest in metaphysical subjects these days has exploded, with a new language and mind-set emerging to deal with these increasingly common phenomena. It is now becoming acceptable to speak in terms of reiki, chi, pranic energy, and even in terms of quantum energy. Not only are many cultures and societies learning to deal with a new wave of technological social networks – with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – but also with an increase in energetic awareness of human connections and an extended mind.



It’s A Journey…



Standing in Truth…



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